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Radio shakeups

Posted on Mar 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I was left dumbfounded by the radio shakeups and had a hard time concentrating on anything. If you haven’t heard the news, Mike and Tara were fired from QMFM. Just like that. No notice. No warning. After their show, BOOM! See ya! Just like Cory and Laurie were let go from The Peak a few months ago.

Now, I know it’s the biz, and things happen and companies make changes, listening habits and audiences change. I get it. But it doesn’t make it easier on us. If those were the people that you listened to every morning, this news is upsetting! It’s like losing family members or best friends! 🙁

But change is good for your soul, Mike and Tara had a good run and will land on their feet. Their replacements will be the morning crew from Virgin, which is no longer Virgin, it’s returning to Zed 95.3. Their Breakfast with Nat and Drew show will move to 103.5 and be called something else, but will still have the same crew: Nat, Drew, Erin and Scooter. They have good chemistry and I will likely follow them to 103.5 (not in my car, only on my radio dial!) I’m sure Nat and Drew are happier for their shorter morning commutes!

So… Zed will have a new morning show. I doubt it will be Mike and Tara – though they were popular with the Easy Listening crowd, Zed is likely looking for a different audience. Laurie Logan was on at Virgin (Zed) on the weekend, so maybe she will get the morning spot once it opens. But the other half, Cory, is out of town until May. So…does she do the show alone until he gets back, much like Kiah did when TJ was on mat leave??

This is MY preferred scenario: Joonyer and Hatch move over to Zed for their morning show, and Cory and Laurie pick up on Shore. Ooooor, Matty B does the morning show with Laurie (on either station) – they would make a great team if Cory doesn’t come back! And if he did, he could certainly hold up the afternoon show no problem.

Anyways, the chips will fall where they’re going to fall, no speculating on my part will have any effect on it. What are YOUR thoughts? How do YOU feel about it all? Do these shake ups affect you in any way? Larry and Willy were my first shock a few years back – that sent me reeling for a few weeks, for sure! It’s nice to hear Willy back on the airwaves too.

I love change. I thrive on it. I encourage it. I celebrate it. But in some things, it’s nice to have stability, something you can count on. And some people count on their favourite morning show to get them through the tough commutes and lonely moments, and to take their minds off the mundane. I hope they will give the Breakfast with Nat and Drew crew a chance – they really are delightfully entertaining!