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Big Contests, Mar 31-Apr 4

Posted on Mar 30, 2014

New this week:

Jack FM and Sonic have been taking qualifiers for 2 weeks and announce their winners on Monday morning! Shortly thereafter, they will announce their next BIG thing. I love this part, since I’m never the one that wins the previous BIG thing. Gives me hope. 😉

JRFM announces their winner for the Stagecoach trip Monday morning, and then their new, never-before-played game begins! If you don’t listen to country, you really should start. Today. All you have to do is log in to your Online Insider account (which is free and painless), and fill in the entry form! They are giving listeners up to $10,000. For whatever. The trick is that you only get 100 characters to tell them what you want the money for (new car, mortgage payment, etc) and 150 characters to tell them why. There are some tips in the post here. I don’t have a CLUE what they’re looking for, but the first few entries they read will be telling. You may want to wait till Monday afternoon to enter…

Team 1040 isn’t usually on my radar, but in April they are giving away a fishing and golfing trip to Campbell River. It doesn’t include the ferry costs (an arm and a leg, as I recall), but does include accommodations, 3 rounds of golf, and one “tide” of salmon fishing. Log in and enter here. What have you got to lose?!

Same as last week:

The Peak is offering up team entry into the Women2Warrior obstacle race that will be happening May 25th. This looks hard, and inspiring, and empowering. If I knew ANYONE that was adventurous and fit, I would put together a team! The details about how to enter are here.

Rock 101 has a fun (and damned near impossible!) contest: Famous Laughs. They play you a clip with the laughs of 6 famous people. You have to name them all in the order that they are played. If you do it successfully, you win a whopping $10,000!!! The people could be celebrities or politicians, anyone famous, local or worldwide. Each morning at 7 am Willy gives one clue. Stay up to date with the post here.

The Beat has brought back $15,000 Thursdays. At 8:10 this Thursday, listen for the cue to call. But don’t call then! Save your fingers until they’ve gone through the first 80 or so callers, so wait 8 to 10 minutes and then start calling.

Beat the Bank on QMFM at 8:09 am. If you don’t get through, try again at 4:09 – but tune in to 103.5 about 5 minutes early (sometimes they do the cue to call before 4:09).

Every Second Counts? Yes, it does! At 8, 12, and 4 on CFOX. They will play a song, and as soon as you think you know it yell STOP! You have 5 seconds to name it. If you get it right, you win the prize amount. But hurry – it starts at $1000 and goes down quickly.

Jack’s Super Secret Win at Work contest is happening right through till April, and if you haven’t registered yet then you just don’t like money! Three times per day they nonchalantly say a listener’s name, and that person has 30 minutes to call them back. They could win $100, $500, $1,000, or $5,000. So go and register here, then email me your name and number and I will call you if I hear your name. Easy money. Sweet!