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Describing the Hosts with an S

Posted on Mar 4, 2014

If I had to describe each host with just one word, it would be so, so, so difficult. And I love a challenge (and am a sucker for punishment) so let me try! I chose the letter s because it’s easy – there are a TON of adjectives starting with S. Whew!

Keep in mind that I don’t know ANY of the radio or tv hosts personally, I only know their on-air personalities. And I don’t listen to all the shows, so if I missed a host I apologize – it just means I don’t know you well enough (yet)!

On a whim today, I wrote a silly post describing each radio host with a word beginning with the letter S. Certain hosts bring to mind certain words and evoke certain feelings, completely unbeknownst to them. Unfairly, to be sure, as we really know nothing about them personally. But perhaps it’s the tone of their voice, their manner of speaking, the things they tweet, their FaceBook posts, and their take on news items, that gives us some small insight into them. Much like this blog gives you insight into me and my thoughts. But meet me in person and I am completely different from what you imagined! Guaranteed! So while yes, it’s unfair and inaccurate to label the hosts this way, this was merely a fun exercise for me, and completely meaningless. They are (in all likelihood) nothing like these words. Probably.

Virgin Radio 95.3
Nat – sentimental
Drew – straight
Erin – sensible
Scooter – sanctimonious
Simone – sober
Matty B – sassy
Emilie – spiffy
Kat – slinky

Shore 104.3 (completely underrated, you should listen to this station!)
Joonyer – stealthy
Hatch – shaggy
Taylor – sophisticated
Pam – soulful
Danger – smooth

Jack FM 96.9
Kiah – slick
Tara Jean – scrappy
Kieran – sweet
Kenny – silly
Meredith – sincere

Sonic 104.9
Kid – spiritual
Randi – selective
Andrew – smiley
Bri – sleek
Vanessa – stylish

QMFM 103.5
Tara – serene
Mike – somber
Olivia – steady
Ray – skillful

JRFM 93.7
Clay – sardonic
Karen – saucy
Cory – survivor
Barbara – sedulous
Docc – sociable
Jaxon – sporty

Beat 94.5
Jonny – snooty
Holly – shiny
Nira – superficial
Chris – sensitive
Denai – sinful

Rock 101
Willy – salty
Robin – sly
Dean – solid
Craig – secure
Sam – smokey

Peak 102.7
Carly – salient
James – studious
Casey-Jo – soulful

Breakfast Television
Jody – spicy
Riaz – suave
Thor – sharp
Michel – seemly
Russ – sensible
Kyle – spiffy
Dawn – savvy