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FaceBook random thoughts

Posted on Mar 10, 2014

This morning when I woke up, I checked my FaceBook page as usual. It’s fairly new and so far has 82 Likes, which I’m thrilled about!! But people don’t often Like or Comment on the posts, so when I saw that TWO comments were on the Rock 101 review post, I was delighted! It’s so fun to interact with the readers! It makes me think that people are actually really reading my posts!! Eeek!!!

One of the comments simply said “great review” or something to that effect. I appreciated the comment, so I hit the Like button below it. When I checked back a few minutes later, both were gone – it would seem that the comment and my Like never existed! They were wiped from Notifications and the post. Huh.

Now, I’m no FaceBook aficionado, but I think that means that the person who commented removed their comment. But then I thought maybe I hit a wrong button somewhere and accidentally deleted it. Naaaah, impossible. Which led me to wonder why they would remove that comment – did they read it at night, make a nice comment, then wake up and realize that they didn’t actually LIKE the review, so deleted their comment? Or did they SEE me at the reunion, realize only after commenting on the post that they knew who I was, and delete the post because they didn’t like my dancing? Hmmmmm…

But THEN I thought:


Throughout the day I would periodically wonder why the comment got deleted. My insecure side wanted to message them directly and ask them why. But then the sane part of me said the above, because people have ALL sorts of different reasons for doing things, not only the reasons that we imagine. Oh yeah, and also, it’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

Last year a friend of mine (more like a sister!) told me she had always admired my ability to be myself, to not care what people thought of me. I was taken aback, yet flattered. I had never really thought of it that way, but yes, I suppose I’ve always had a devil-may-care attitude. I’ve taken the path less travelled in all my journeys – educational, spiritual, philosophical, professional, relationship-ical…er…grammatical… 😀

But while we encourage and celebrate that quality in our children, do we truly admire that quality in other adults?? Truly?? In theory, yes. But in practice? I’m not so sure. I have to ask myself some hard questions now. I’m an outside-the-box thinker, but socially that can be off-putting. But those that are judging us – who ARE they?! Media and memes and social scientists and psychologists tell us that they are the bullies. But ARE they? Or are we just bullying ourselves into following the grain, fitting in the box, caving to social pressures for propriety and norms?

Stand up. Be different. Don’t judge. Love freely. And most importantly, follow this rule: