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Rock 101 Mystery Laughs audio, clues, and guesses

Posted on Mar 23, 2014

The audio of the Mystery Laughs is on my iPad but I can’t seem to post it in the blog or on Twitter or on FaceBook! Technologically challenged, I guess. So email me and I can send you a copy of the audio (which is just a video of my radio as I recorded it. Again, technologically challenged.)

Below are the clues and guesses for each day:

Friday, March 21st

7 am clue: #1 is a Rock star.

8 am: Gene Simmons, Kimmy, Alece, Willy, Nikki, Frankenstein. 0/6

11 am: Brad Pitt, Steve Harper, Alice Cooper, Eddie Lack, Tom Cruise, Willy. 0/6

2 pm: Mick Jagger, Seth Rogen, Paul Walker, Rob Ford, Axl Rose, Tom Hanks. 0/6

5 pm: Jack Nicholson, Keith Richards, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Oprah, Julia Roberts. 1/6

Jack, Keith, John, Oprah, or Julia is right! Which one is it?? One sounds like John Travolta to me, so I hope someone guesses that again so we know for sure…

Monday, March 24th

Clue: among other things, #4 is known for a game of golf.

8 am guesses: Red Skelton, Jack Lemmon, Angelina Jolie, Goldie Hawn, Bill Murray, George Clooney. 0/6

11 am: Keith Richards, Tommy Chong, Prince Charles, John Glen, Jennifer Anniston, Jim Carey. 1/6

2 pm: Keith Richards, Sting, John Goodman, Jason Bateman, Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Murphy. 1/6.

5 pm: Heath Ledger, Gregor Robertson, Jay Leno, Adam Sandler, Micheal J. Fox, Kevin Spacey. 0/6

Tuesday, March 25th

Clue: #1 shares a birthday with Steven Spielberg.

8 am: Keith Richards, Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Trump, Justin Timberlake, Woody Allen, Samuel Jackson. 1/6

#1 is Keith Richards. Who are the others???

11 am: Keith Richards, Sean Penn, Sandra Bullock, Brother Jake, Matthew McConaughey, Travis Lulay. 1/6

2 pm: Keith Richards, Tiger Woods, Steve Carrell, Bruce Jenner, Jimmy. Kimmel, Steve Martin. 1/6

5 pm: Joe Biden, Trevor Linden, John Candy, Brett Michaels, Alan Arkin, Bill Gates

Wednesday, March 26th

Clue: #2 had a 70th birthday LAST year.

8 am: Keith Richards, Jerry Springer, Meryl Streep, Bob Barker, John Mellencamp, Steven Tyler. Same 1/6 right.

11 am: Keith Richards, Chevy Chase, Jimmy Fallon, David Duvall, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hanks. 2/6

2 pm: I heard these but was out so couldn’t write them down, and the site isn’t updated yet. One of them was right – which one was it?! (Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, Jim Morrison, George Harrison, Joe Pesci, Sammy Hagar are what are on Rock 101’s site – is that right??)

5 pm: Keith Richards, Christopher Walken, Vin Diesel, Patrick Swayze, Piers Morgan, Donald Sutherland. 1/6

I MISSED THE 2 PM NAMES!!! Anybody?? Anybody???

Thursday, March 27th

Clue: #4 was an SNL cast member.

8 am: Keith Richards, Robert DeNiro, Billy Crystal, Norm McDonald, David Spade, Will Ferrell. 2/6 right and in the right spot!

11 am: Keith Richards, Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld. 2/6 right, in right order.

2 pm: KeithRichards, Robert DeNiro, Alain Vigneault, Gilda Radner, Martin Short, Cameron Diaz. 2/6 right, in right order.

5 pm: Keith Richards, Robert DeNiro, Dan Aykroyd, Rob Schneider, Woody Harrelson, Quentin Tarantino. 2/6 right, in right order.

Friday, March 28th

Clue: #6 was in a movie with Will Ferrell.

8 am: KR, RD, Eddie Murphy, John Lovitz, Vince Vaughn, Will Arnett. 2/6 in the right place.

11 am: KR, RD, Jonah Hill, Randy Quaid, Oprah, Sasha Baron Cohen. 2/6

2 pm: KR, RD, Phil Hartman, Jason Sedakis, John C. Riley, Zach Galafinakis. 2/6

5 pm: KR, RD, Bono, Chevy Chase, Tortorella, Owen Wilson. 3/6 right.

So #1 is Keith Richards, #2 is Robert DeNiro, and #4 is Chevy Chase. Do you agree?

Monday, March 31st

Clue: One of the giggles is from Down Under

8 am: KR, RD, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Nealon, Rob Sneider, Owen Wilson. 2/6

11 am: KR, RD, Keith Chevy Chase, Arsenio Hall, David Spade. 3/6 in right spot!!

2 pm: KR, RD, Keith Urban, Mike Meyers, Bono, Paul Rudd 2/6

5 pm: KR, RD, Arsenio Hall, Jim Belushi, Tortorella, Mike Tyson 2/6

Tuesday, April 1st

Clue: laugh #1 is a Rolling Stone.

8 am: KR, RD, Jim Morrison, Tiger Woods, Meryl Streep, David Spade 2/6

11 am: KR, Mel Gibson, Anne Arquette, Danny Glover, Mike Tyson, Arnold Swartzenegger 1/6

2 pm: KR, RD, Johnny Knoxville, Chevy Chase, Chris Hemsworth, Owen Wilson 3/6

Wednesday, April 2nd

Clue: there are no height restrictions on being a laugher.

8 am: KR, RD, Bob Seger, CC, Angus Young, Queen Latifah. 3/6

11 am: KR, RD, Paul Hogan, CC, Gordon Ramsay, Vern Troyer. 3/6

2 pm: KR, RD, Danny Devito, CC, Steve Irwin, Ben Stiller. 3/6

5 pm: KR, RD, John Travolta, CC, Danny Devito, Russell Crowe. 3/6

Thursday, April 3rd

Clue: #3 and #5 have both played the same character in multiple movies.

8 am: KR, RD, Mel Gibson, CC, Jason Bateman, Peter Dinklage. 4/6

11 am: KR, RD, Johnny Depp, CC, Keanu Reeves,bPeter Dinklage. 4/6

2 pm: KR, RD, Kristian Bale, CC, Micheal Keaton, Peter Dinklage 4/6

5 pm: KR, RD, Christopher Walken, CC, ? Galecki?, Peter Dinklage 4/6

Friday, April 3

Clue: #5 is not North American.

8 am: KR,MRD, Sean Connery, CC, Daniel Craig, PD. 5/6

11 am: KR, RD, Patrick Stewart, CC, Hugh Jackman, PD. 5/6

2 pm: KR, RD, Robert Downey Jr, CC, HJ, PD. 5/6

5 pm: KR, RD, Michael J. Fox, CC, HJ, PD. 5/6

Monday, April 4th

Clue: #3 was nominated for a Grammy.

8 am: #3 –

11 am: #3 –

2 pm: #3 – James Franco

5 pm: #3 –

Look, we could keep beating this dead horse, but you and I both know what the answer is. If you aren’t sure, shoot me an email. I can’t believe it wasn’t guessed today! Fingers crossed that one of YOU wins it tomorrow!!!

Tuesday April 7th

Clue: All laughers are male. Duh!

Guessed for #3: Daniel Radcliffe, Ludicrus, Robin Thicke, Harry Connick Jr, James Franco, Will Smith, Toby McGuire.