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Rock 101’s High School Reunion

Posted on Mar 9, 2014

Last night Rock 101 hosted their High School Reunion party at the Commodore. One word: EPIC!

It was the best party I have been to in years! The music, the decorations, the cheerleaders, the freebies, the costumes… It was a night to remember!!! If they ever do this again, I highly recommend befriending someone with tickets (if you can’t win them yourself!)

The doors opened at 8, and we got there at 8:45 or so. The lineup was half way down the block! Or at least that’s how it felt. Once it started moving, it moved relatively quickly. I’d say we waited about 10-12 minutes to get in. But it wasn’t raining, and everyone in line was in good spirits. The group in front of us were dressed up in what looked like Beatles garb, but could have been any psychedelic band from the 60’s. Whoever they were, they looked great!

As we got in the door, we were handed two drink tickets each, and a ballot for the Harley Davidson motorcycle that was being given away. A ballot box was nowhere to be seen, however. We were directed to head up the stairs and stand in another line – the same one from outside had reappeared INside! Here we waited 5-7 minutes to get to fill in the requisite paperwork…Er…I think for the bike. Or the trip. Or…? To be honest, I didn’t read it. At all. I just blindly filled it in and signed it! They could have had me sign just about anything – I was ready to party!

The first real surprise of the night was the marching band that tromped in! Those kids were amaaaaaaaazing! They had the flags, staffs, the whole bit! That signaled the beginning of the festivities (at least, to us). By the time we had signed our lives away, we had already finished our first beer. Oh yes – those drink tickets weren’t just for watered down drinks, as at most comp parties, they were for actual beer in a bottle! Impressed!

Another fun surprise was the photo booth, complete with a tub of accessories people could borrow to liven up their pics if they didn’t come in costume. There were pirate hats, plastic guitars, etc. Each person or couple or group got 4 poses, and the machine spat out a really cool picture (the one for this post).

We saw some wonderful costumes – Kiss, Alice Cooper, Janice Joplin, Joan Jet, Elvis, Elton John, Tina Turner – but the ones who won the two costume prizes certainly deserved them: Katy Perry and Angus Young. We made a moderate effort ourselves, but knew we wouldn’t win anything so didn’t go too crazy.

There was a Detention section. I’m not really sure what that was all about, but we went up and watched the antics for a few minutes. There was an actor dressed as an old-school nerdy teacher, and some other actors dressed as students. There was a chalk board and some student desks. What happened there, I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t stick around long enough to see its purpose. But it certainly added to the ambience and general high-school-uncomfortableness of it all! Loved it!!

Willy was the emcee, and announced the winners to both contests. He was dressed in appropriately 80’s era teal(ish), collared, long-sleeved, untucked, button up shirt. He should’ve done Billy Idol! That would’ve been cool!!

The band Satisfaction looked and sounded much like their counterparts, though not quite so should-eat-a-burger skinny. Thankfully. They were the 3 E’s – energetic, entertaining, and engaging. Between sets, the DJ played all the old hits that I would surely have heard at prom (had I gone!) My group danced like we were covered in ants and partied like Rock stars (without all the messy throwing up and overdosing).

Actually, we danced like no one was watching, drank responsibly, and went home at a reasonable hour like adults that were paying for a sitter…

But not before a twenty year old Rock 101 “Crew Member” came up to me while my husband was at the bar and made a move! WHAAAAT?! I believe his opening line was “did you lose your friends?” And then he proceeded to tell me why guys his age prefer older women – “because they know a fuckofalot more than women” his age! All I could do was laugh. And as he offered me a free drink ticket, his hand pressed against my breast and he said “those feel real! Are those real??” BAAAHAHAHAHA! All the while, my husband is standing a few feet behind us, amused. We had a good laugh. And he had a free drink (I was driving).