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This makes me SO MAD!!

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

Here is my original post about this subject:

Something’s been bugging me

I wrote that way back in November, when I had to change radio stations every day because of the nasty Conservative ads. Since then, I haven’t heard anything, and thought it was over.

But no. Like a toxic gas, it slithered back into media. I didn’t notice myself because when I watch TV I do it through the pvr, where I fast forward through commercials. But my husband somehow caught sight of an ad as we were fast forwarding, and rewound so we could see it.

Now, not only do they have a tv commercial, but they have an entire WEBSITE! You know what it’s called?

They’re also on Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube!

Now, let’s imagine that you have a daughter. Your daughter’s name is Robin. She’s in high school and running for Class President. But her opponent feels like they might be losing, so they put together a website called, and have a video of her taking off her jacket. Then they plaster posters of Robin all over the school halls, the grounds, and the town, saying that Robin is incompetent.

But they don’t stop there! They post videos of her on YouTube, Tweet every flub she makes, and taunt her on FaceBook.


I have a feeling we would be tearing down posters and reporting them to the police for bullying. But maybe that’s just me…

I’m not a politician or a public figure and I might not know anything about anything. But I do know what I DON’T want my children to see, and I do know how to be a decent human being. And I know a bully when I see one.