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Weekend Rap-Up, #KCS style

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

Sometimes I forget to do this, and then I’m reminded how much fun it is! One day I will go back and read all my weekend rap-ups with my kids and we’ll laugh and laugh… Thanks, Kid Carson Show for leading the way!

Weekend Rap-Up for March 23rd

The weekend got off to a very slow start,
Worked hard dismantling TED, I wasn’t feeling so smart.
Didn’t absorb any knowledge through the theatre walls,
Just pushed furniture down empty halls.

Tried to chill but the kids missed me,
When I walked in the door they hugged and kissed me.
Early to bed is all I could muster,
Could’ve knocked me over with a feather duster!

Saturday’s a blur, ran errands with the wee ones,
Tried to watch TV but found mostly reruns.
As the day wore on, I got a bit growly,
Snapped at the kids when they got howly.

Sunday’s Sunshine saved us all,
Getting vitamin D is always a good call.
Baked a cake, yes you heard me!
Won’t make it a habit, trust me!

Yard work front and back,
Kids bounced on the trampoline,
Now hands are killing me,
I need some Vaseline!

Raking digging tilling soil
Reward will be great for all this toil!