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Weekend Rap-Up time!

Posted on Mar 31, 2014

I love this part of the Kid Carson Show. Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I LOL. Susie the Ball Buster has really upped the game though, so I’m going to have to step it up a notch or three! I don’t know how much more clever and creative I can get! How about you?!

March 31st:

Last week the sh!t really hit the fan
When Nat and Drew just cut and ran,
Mike and Tara were cut loose first,
No warning, ouch, that must’ve hurt!

This news sent me into a bit of a tizzy
And kept me floored when I should’ve been busy.
Spring break was upon us but the weather was crap
Played inside but the kids started to snap.

It was time for me to get outta my pajamas
So I took the kids to Richmond’s Go Bananas
Drove half hour there but I’d forgot my wallet
My face went pale, I think they saw it

They waved us in, said don’t worry about paying
Almost had to drive home but ended up staying.
It was such a relief, I felt like crying
If I said I wasn’t a fool, I’d be lying.

Saturday we went for a family swim
Hillcrest was jammed but we still went in.
Going is such a hassle but kids need to learn
Can’t afford lessons, what a burn!

Sunday we hit the community library
I walked, kids scootered, it was quite extraordinary.
3 were returned, 8 more DVDs were chosen
We need something new to watch besides Frozen!

We ended the afternoon with sushi and DQ
The kids ate well so got ice cream too.
Got home to a wife’s favourite surprise –
Hubby’d cleaned the house! WHAT A GUY!!!!!!