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Big Stuff April 21-25th

Posted on Apr 21, 2014

These are the major contests going on this week:

JRFM – You Say It, We Pay It winner is announced Monday morning, and another round begins. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. Just sign into the Online Insider and enter, then let me know so I can listen for your name.

Z95.3 – The Z-FX game continues. It is vexing and challenging and frustrating. And I love it. Play at 8, 12, and 5. If you need audio of the sound effect, let me know and I will email it to you. The current one goes something like this: whirrrrrrrrrrr, whap, whap, whap. Know what that is?? 😉

Jack FM – Wheel of Winning started last week. Weenie roasts, $10 gift certificates, maybe some fanny packs and t-shirts. Not really worth the gas to pick it up if you live further than Commercial Drive. There ARE some bigger items, but you are unlikely to win them. When they posted a picture of the wheel on FaceBook, they only showed it spinning so you couldn’t see if there was actually anything written on it. Sneaky…

This is also the last week of Jack’s Win at Work. They said you could win up to $5000, but all the people I know who called in only won $100. If you know someone who won more, let me know! I’d love to hear that they gave out $500 or $1000!

Sonic – on top of their new $1000 Tag Team Trivia (so fun!), they are also still taking qualifiers for the chance to win a car. Qualifiers will get a code and if your code opens the garage, you get the car for two years! I’d totally take that deal… gotta win my way into that party!!!

Beat – these folks are also giving away a lease on a car, plus someone at the party will win a $1500 TV and gaming console package. Nice! Here’s the catch: when you qualify (and don’t win the car or tv), you can’t win anything else from Bell for 30 days because they just gave you $100. Huh. Which brings me to the other Bell station:

QMFM – Nat and Drew (and Erin and Scooter) start there first thing Monday. I hope they had a lovely holiday! Now they are back, presumably refreshed, and ready to give away $1000 at 7:05 and 8:05 every morning! You just have to be caller 25, which I’m finding is impossible. Ever since the move, it’s excruciating calling these Bell stations! I don’t mind the automated message so much (“we’re sorry, all circuits are busy”) but I have to hang up three times before it’ll disconnect! That is valuable redialing time! But it’s really just persistence that you need, and soon it’ll pay off. Hopefully this week, because I desperately need $1000!!!

CFOX – every week for the next six weeks, the Fox is taking qualifiers 5 times per day. Each Friday, a winner will be drawn – 1 in 25 chance of winning! Amazing odds! The winner not only gets flights, accommodations, and tickets to the Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden concerts, they also get $1000 spending money. WHAT?!?! I have to say, Corus has the absolute BEST contests. They really do. Speaking of which…

Rock 101 – this Corus station is taking a plane full of listeners to Vegas to the Billy Joel concert on June 7th. All you have to do is listen for “Big Shot” and be caller 10 when you hear it. Unlike the previous Vegas prize, this one has specific dates, so make sure you’re available to travel June 6th to 9th. If you’ve never been to Vegas, please be advised – it’s effing HOT! The average high temperature in June is 38 degrees. Celsius. I feel faint just thinking about that… But if you’re good in the heat, then this trip will be amazing! A plane full of 40 Rock 101 listeners – what a frigging BLAST!!!

Shore and Peak are laying low at the moment, but I expect something new to be just around the corner. Meanwhile, if you’re a musician you can enter to win the Peak Performance Project or $10,000 with the Best of BC (Shore).