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Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Here is a list of all names called on JRFM for their You Say It We Pay It contest. Sorry if some are spelled wrong! The ones with a (?) are guesses, as I didn’t fully catch the name (kids yelled, there was traffic, hubby talked to me, etc.)

If yours is here and you missed it, they might call it again. If anyone wants me to call them if their name is read, just email your name and number and I’ll put you on the list:

Darcy Adkins
Kaitlyn Smith
Tina Osi
Sarah McCloud
Janet H.
Rob Howard
Kelsey Akin
Courtney Gaal
Christine Symonds
Angelina Hastie
Ryan Green
Lindsay Arsenault
Christine Fontaine
Janelle Tucker
Christine Demarsse
Heather Beckley
Nicole Schaeffer
Andy Adams
Travis Bartlett
Carly Storoschuk
Michael Preston
Rhonda Robins
Michael Hodges (?)
Kimberly Webster
Maria Gorlova
Chelsea Hewitson
Melissa Kelly
Meg Cameron
Katie Stead
Maya Koch
Kyla Gillette
Candice Paskas
Mariah Stanley
Emilia Turner
Cindy Vangeel
Michelle Riley
Brie Castenay (?)
Haley Ruttan
Calsie Oorebeek
Scott Arvison (?)
Sandra Pinette
Jolene Hammermeister
Ashley Barber
Alisha Holbrook
Kristina Greveling
Gord Moffett
Tiffany Adkins
Leah Waite
Janelle Castro
Katie Akida
Laura Meinen
Sandy Cohlen (?)
Tiffany THEED
Krista Staube
Charlene McInnes
Becky Runacres
Monique Paassen
Carson Lyons
Jana McGuire
Jarrod McLean
Katherine Masse-Brewer
Kate Puckett
Tina Ferguson
Heather Dorkin
Renee Slusarenko
Ally Cuthbertson
Jessica Stacy
Laura Agbayani
Marina Chartier
Stacy Kutsoris (?)
Diane Stemler
Cal Yandem (?)
Ruth Bernier
Brad Tones
Heather Van Snick
Kurt Marsh
John Meyer
Amber Karwat
Desiree Santolis
Paul Prudhomme
Ann Clark
Carole Lay
Allen Wood
Cheryl Magnussen
Susan Grimer
Jessica Olsen
Michelle Douglas
Mark Reed
Janet Schmidt
Mike Van Herk
James Mackie
Maryann Andrews
Carrie Corbutt
Sierra Russell
Amanda Bedry
John Goldthorpe
Craig Nordquist
Curt Appleby
Candace Siemens
Drew Cronshaw
Julie DeLisle
Jodie Carter
Tyler Clarke
Alina Coles
Allison Dixon
Andrew Miltimore
Karen Yamada
Brandon Mantle
Jordan Kurucz
Cameron Williams
Emily Sischek
Chris Sutton
Marlene Williams
Jennifer Dowell
Lindsay Cronk (?)
Bailey Short
Sandy Earnhardt
Bill Cowger
Arlene MacArthur
Adam Rosengren
Alicia Abdul (?)
Jayme Wright
Holly Lucas
Kristine Welch
Baxter Redfern
Alex Kent
Jan Bear (Baird?)
Julie Cave
Monica Moraes
Holly Johnson
Jessica Suddaby
Cathy McCormack
Tracy Brown
Jackie Steen
Andrew Laing
Cheryl Kvaas
Darren Martin
Melissa Wood
John Butters
Skye McLean