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JRFM YSIWPI third round

Posted on Apr 19, 2014

We are half way through the JRFM You Say It We Pay It contest. How often are you voting?

On average I’m logging in twice per weekend. The first weekend I voted three times, last weekend I voted twice, and this weekend only once (so far). Sometimes I log in just to see where the numbers are at, but don’t vote because I don’t really see the point. Usually there is one clear winner, and my vote won’t make a whit of difference either way…

It’s an interesting contest but it leaves me conflicted – I want everyone to win! I so badly want Ruth to get a new kitchen! But if not a new kitchen, then at least a new stove. Does anyone have one they can give her? Or fix the temperature gauge on her existing one? Somebody must know how to do that…

Kate is the sweetest sister ever, asking for so little and not even for herself! Katherine’s tooth pain is something I can relate to, and dental work is ridiculously expensive! Anyone know a dentist that has a payment plan?? Let her (and ME) know!

You know what would be great? If they gave away the whole $9,999 every Monday! The person with the highest votes gets theirs paid first, then if there’s money left over, the person with the next highest votes gets theirs paid too. And then if there’s STILL money left over, the person with the next highest votes gets THEIRS paid off too!

If person #1 only uses $6000 but person 2 is asking for $5000, then person #2 is disqualified and person 3 is up next. If they have only asked for $2000, then they get it. And that leaves another $2000 – that would cover Katie’s $600 trip to Ohio, and ALSO Tennille’s $1000 Go Pro camera! So instead of just ONE person getting their wishes granted, now FOUR people are beaming!

There are two bonuses to doing it that way, aside from having four winners instead of one:

1) it would entice people to ask for LESS (perhaps only what they truly need) so there’s a better chance of it fitting into the $9,999 cap

2) it would entice people to vote more! Even though the votes on one are lower, there’s still a chance they could win if they asked for less money!

I would definitely vote more if that were the case. But first I would go revise my application and ask for less money. Much less.

It’s unlikely that they are going to change the rules now, but maybe they’ll keep it in mind for next time. Until then, I hope they’re working on those Community Pages, because Ruth could certainly advertise there for a new stove!