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Weekend Rap-Up, April 14th

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

Last week I did a Haiku because it was late and I was exhausted. This week I will do a rap, as it’s only 8 o’clock and I’m already in bed. Read on and you’ll see why!

Friday nights used to be what we lived for,
These days they mean nothing anymore.
Just another night of bedtime routine,
We don’t have one of those, but you know what I mean.

Just bide your time till they go to bed
Sometimes they’re bathed, sometimes they’re fed.
Each week I swear this Friday’ll be different
But time after time, it just isn’t.

Saturday they had language class
Then we hit Superstore, oh that was a blast.
Kits beach was next, they picked shells
The wind was fierce, there were swells

But the beach bunnies in their bikinis didn’t care,
A pair went swimming, even wet their hair.
I watched till they turned back, worried they’d drown
What would I have done? No lifeguards around.

Saturday night was another rockin’ Eve
Kids and Daddy watched a movie
I had seen Frozen already a dozen times
So I sat out, folded laundry and thought up some rhymes.

Actually I watched Mrs. Brown’s Boys
Have you ever seen it? It makes me roar!
Laugh after laugh, I almost wet my pants
Pee before you watch or you’ll do the peepee dance!

Sunday Daddy took kids shopping for two hours
So I took my time and lingered in the shower
Then lay on the trampoline watching the sky
Wispy clouds, butterflies, and airplanes passed by.

I actually dozed off a couple of times
Sunburnt my face, got some nice lines.
We took the kids to the park and let em loose
There was a climbing wall and even a caboose!

We played some soccer and goofed around
And by “we” I mean Daddy, I just sat on the ground!
Exhausted I am, just need some space
A little ME time to get a smile on my face.

24/7 of caring for other wears you out
Sometimes you smile when you just want to shout
When these days are over I will miss them dearly
But when you’re in them, you can’t see them clearly…