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It’s just business…

Posted on Jun 18, 2014

Well, here we go again!

Pam has been “let go” from Shore. They’ve also let go someone else but I’m not sure who – Graham Hatch and Danger are both out of town, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe! And Sandra hasn’t tweeted today – does anyone know if she was on today??

Harumph. I hate change. I mean, I LOVE change – like changing around my living room furniture, changing my clothes, changing my hairstyle, changing my routine. But these shake-ups really… shake me up!

I feel bad for those let go with no warning at all, but I suppose you know that could happen when you work in radio. And I doubt it’s ever personal, it’s just business. Like, their ratings weren’t high enough, or they didn’t suit the station’s new branding, or… heeeeeey, sounds awfully personal to me!!!

But you can choose to let it get you down, or you can fall into the well and then discover a secret passageway that leads to a pot of gold! That is the route that I see Pam taking – she will find a NEW adventure and come out shining after she shakes off the shit. Until then, it’s stinky for a bit…

I just wish Shore would update their site so we can move forward. I wonder what they’ve got up their sleeve? Any guesses??

Whoever else they’ve let go should be grateful – they probably did them a favour.