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Posted on Jun 15, 2014


Nope. JRBBoo…

Boo because of the crappy weather that kept people away.

Boo because of the BBQ people that jammed so there was no BBQ.

Boo because I paid $13 for food from a food truck.

Boo because Clay had to leave and only two people did the jousting.

And JRBWooHoo!

WooHoo! that the ride tickets were only $1.

WooHoo! that the rain stopped before Docc’s Dunking so we could stay dry while we watched him get wet.

WooHoo! that Basics for Babies got some dough.

I don’t know how much Basics for Babies could have made, as I only counted about 10 dunkers, 2 jousters, and 4 bull-sitters, which is $160. If they got the proceeds from $1 ticket sales they would’ve made lots more, but it wasn’t that busy. Somewhat disappointing, actually. But the venue wasn’t conducive to it really…

The parking was great – plenty of room and free! The bouncy castles and inflatable games were a riot! The upstairs banquet room was spacious, with the DJ booth at one end and the stage on the side, and even some room for dancing. The music was spectacular of course, too bad nobody was two-stepping!

Other than that, it wasn’t really a party atmosphere. Aside from the large digital billboard that we could see half a block away, and the trucks and canopies, once we got there we didn’t know where to go! Greeters would’ve been nice. So we walked past the room with the bouncy castles and wandered the halls until we figured out that there was nothing else. We spent a good hour in there before we realized that there was a banquet room and music upstairs! But you had to walk outside and walk past the firemen to get there. One or both of those got you wet!

There were some amazing gymnastics demonstrations and routines going on the gymnasium where the bouncy castles were – very impressive and entertaining! But as far as I know there wasn’t any opportunity for visitors to try out equipment, but there were lots of soccer and basketballs to play with.

I’m glad we made the drive out – it was worth it just to see Karen prove that she actually SUCKS at bull-sitting but is a PRO at bull-shitting! And watching Docc get dunked over and over was titillating to say the least. The music was fantastic, and it was neat to see the inside of the centre. Okay, okay, the firemen were nice to look at too, and they were SO sweet with the kids that wanted to sit in the firetruck! Too bad Clay had to leave early (convenient, since he was going to fork out dough for BFB!), I’m sure he had a legit reason which we will hear about Monday morning. Hope all is well on the home front Clay!

I will always be a HUGE fan of country music and JRFM, and feel sorry for people who scoff at it because they are really missing out! I look forward to their next BIG thing. What could it beeeeeee??? Maybe a group win-your-way-in country music retreat on Gabriola, with Aaron Pritchett singing us songs around the campfire… (in my dreams!!)