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Shower Radio Contest

Posted on Jun 9, 2014

Who loves singing in the shower? How about dancing? I give my best performances behind closed (shower) curtains!!

Back in the early 2000’s I went on a solo road trip to Manitoba – just me and my car, and my cassette tape-playing radio. I stopped in to visit my brother in Calgary for a few days and ended up staying there for a month! He had a room in the basement with a fold-out couch and an adjacent bathroom with a shower radio.

I wasn’t used to listening to the radio anywhere except in my car, so it felt odd to have music when I was naked. But after about a week, I couldn’t shower without it! And to this day, I use my shower radio every time I get naked and wet! Wait, no…

And now I want to get YOU hooked on dancing in the shower! It’s the best way to start your day – how can you have a crappy day if you started it off by singing and dancing?!

This little Nexxtech radio can be hung off the showerhead, the door knob, the window leaver, or simply sit on the ledge of the tub. It’s even super handy at the beach or the lake! It requires 3 AAA batteries, but I only have to change mine once per year or so, and I use my radio ALL THE TIME!

So here’s how you can win this radio:

e-mail your name and the name of the song that gets you dancing to with the subject line: DANCING NAKED

I will put all the entries into a draw and pull out a name on Friday at noon. Then I will pop this portable dancing machine into the mail and you’ll be grooving in the shower by next Tuesday! 😀