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The pride of Vancouver

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

Did I mention that I won Buble tickets a while back? Well I did. It was months and months and MONTHS ago, and it was a loooooong wait.

We may have a lot of rain, and we may be a no-fun city, and our government might suck, and our housing prices may be ridiculous… but we have Buble. Victoria has Steve Nash, Ontario has Justin Bieber, Quebec has Celine. But we have the incomparable Buble. You could feel the crowd swell with pride as Michael warmly embraced us all!

The warmup band Naturally 7 were stellar – smooth and entertaining. They got the crowd nicely warmed up, just so we could sit in sweaty anticipation… but not for long. Michael came out before 9 and went SOLIDLY through till 10:40 with little time to catch his breath or grab a sip of water.

The backdrop videos were mesmerizing, understated, and classy. The Home video was touching. Michael even used a Vancouver strings section – probably the highlight of those young peoples’ lives to date! This man has a big heart and a little ego – he’s so Canadian!

There was a second stage set up at the other end of the floor, where Michael and Naturally 7 sang 4 songs. He was so close I could see the sweat beads on his neck (though far enough away that he couldn’t smell that I hadn’t showered today). Then he did something I’ve never seen at a concert – he took off his mike and sang to the crowd. No backup, no amplification of any kind. Just him. And us. And it was special.

Michael was charming and silly, sweet and sassy, crude and funny. He didn’t seem at all phony or cheesy like crooners can be. He was real and honest, and the kind of man I hope my little boy (who is 3 and likes to wear his sister’s dresses) grows up to be – comfortable in his own skin and unapologetically himself!

He promised us he would treat this like a date – start out slow and romantic, maybe our hands would touch, and eventually get us so worked up that we end up having dirty sex with him in the car! And he delivered – we swayed, then clapped, then pumped, and finally threw our hands in the air and screamed! And while we didn’t end up in the back seat of his car, there’s definitely heavy breathing and licking going on (our female dog is in heat and the male is going crazy! Meh, close enough…)

Tonight was the first of his two Vancouver shows, and I am just about to fill out an application to work at the arena so I can see the second one…