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Posted on Jun 6, 2014

If you weren’t at the Zed Launch Party last night, I can only say this:

I’m sorry.

It was the best party EVER!!! I always have a good time no matter what I’m doing, but I’m so utterly impressed with Z95.3’s all-out party that I’m now going to gush:

Not only did we each get two free drink tickets (and I got more than THAT, thanks N!), there was an oyster bar too! Yup, for FREE! Now add to that the elegant and ever-smiling wait staff passing around trays of ah-mazing hors d’oeuvres, the young artist painting impressive pictures of famous musicians, the Cirque-type acrobats performing seemingly impossible feats on a little stage, the charming and efficient bartenders mixing Katie Perriers and Michael Bubblies, the Zed DJs taking time for chitchats, selfies, and sometimes even hugs, and you have SOME idea of how magical that night was!

Cruby were incredibly friendly and gracious, Simone was adorable, Emile was warm and wonderful, and Matty B was… well… SAUCY as ever!! On top of that, I got to meet Crosby the promotions director (HI Crosby!!!) whom I had met before but not since starting the blog. He is delightful and enthusiastic and THAT is why their contests and parties are the best – he puts his personality into them! Aaaaaand he’s a cutie patootie, the kind of guy every girl wants (or should want!) It’s funny – while I probably had the opportunity to approach Kat and Art many times throughout the evening, I was oddly intimidated by it. Hmmmm… I wonder why… ?

It was a warm evening and as we stood out on the balcony and looked out over Robson Square at this gorgeous city, I marveled at my LUCK in having gotten this invite. It took weeks of trying to be caller 9, but I DID IT! And if you ever have a chance to win your way into one of Z95.3’s parties, DROP EVERYTHING!!! The Fake Film Festival parties were great, but last night was frigging FANTASTIC!

See you at the next Zed party! If I don’t win my way in, you’d better invite me as your date or I’ll have to crash it (bribe some doormen, volunteer to wait tables, whatever)!