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Monday July 7th

Posted on Jul 7, 2014

It’s July! Woot! I’m in Calgary (did NOT realize I was coming at Stampede time, but turns out it’s a wonderful time to be here!). But I’m still keeping my ears and eyes open for new things going on with our favourite stations. Here are a few of the things going on this week:

Zed continues to qualify people for that plane to Vegas this week. 20 more people will get invites to the breakfast – will one of them be YOU??

The Peak is sending some listeners to Mexico on an all-inclusive trip. To get into the draw, call them at 8:05 and play the Not-So-Secret-Word game. For every answer you get right, you will get an entry into the draw. They take two players and the one who gets the most correct will also win Pemberton Fest tickets this week. With maybe 10-15 ballots in the draw each day, the odds are pretty good for this one. If there are 60 ballots and 5 of them are yours, that’s a 1 in 12 chance of winning that trip! Have you ever been to an all-inclusive? It’s the BEST! When I get home, I’m going to put aside my pride and make a fool of myself with this game! 😀

I haven’t noticed if Sonic is still giving away Pemberton Fest tix at 8:10 am and pm so I didn’t put it in the schedule. If anyone knows, please let me know. It’s hard to listen while I’m away. But for SURE they are giving away Playland Passes, and everyone who wins gets into the draw to be President of Playland! This sounds great – they pick you and 3 friends up in a limo, pay your way into Playland, pay for all the rides, food, drinks, etc. Wow! Fun!

This week Rock 101 continues with their Song of the Day contest – listen at 7:15am when Willy names the Song of the Day. Be the 10th caller when you hear it (when it starts, I believe), and you instantly win concert tickets. Here’s the catch: this contest runs until September 7th – you are only allowed ONE winner per HOUSEHOLD during the entire contest! So have a look at what concerts are happening this summer, and choose the one you really want to see… Elton John, Tom Petty, Nazareth, The Cult, Queen, etc.


5:40 – JRFM, give the secret word ($50 for High Street in Abbotsford and 4 passes to Giggle Ridge Golf in Cultus Lake)
6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (TBA)
7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (full day pass to Sunfest)
7:00 – JRFM, Blake Shelton tix clue
7:15 – Rock 101, Song of the Day (TBA)
7:35. – Z95.3, Cash Quiz for up to $2000
7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute
7:40 – Rock 101, IQ Test
7:40 – Sonic, Tag Team Trivia
7:40 – Jack, qualify for a rafting and glamping adventure
8:00 – Z95.3, plane to Vegas!
8:05 – Peak, Not-So-Secret-Word game
8:20 – Jack, No Time to Google (TBA)
10-2 – QMFM, tix to Price is Right Live
11:00 – Z95.3, plane to Vegas!
11:40 – Jack, qualify for a rafting and glamping adventure
12:15 – JRFM, Lunch Bite ($25 to Subway)
1:00 – JRFM, Blake Shelton tix clue
2:00 – Z95.3, plane to Vegas!
2:40 – Jack, qualify for a rafting and glamping adventure
3:15 – Peak, full passes plus camping to Pemberton Festival (caller 102)
4-5 – JRFM, U-Turn (passes to Giggle Ridge Golf or Playland)
4:00 – JRFM, Blake Shelton tix clue
4:40 – Jack, qualify for a rafting and glamping adventure
5:00 – Z95.3, Fresh Five at Five ($50 for Subway)
6:00 – Z95.3, plane to Vegas!
7:15 – Peak, 4 pack movie passes for Sex Tape on July 16th
9:00 – JRFM, Blake Shelton tix clue