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Ode to Clay and Karen

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

Clay and Karen have been gone for over a week now, and while I enjoy Docc’s quirky humour and valiant efforts, I am really longing for The Waking Crew to return. Clay is off gallivanting in London and Paris, emulating Monty Python and noshing on baguettes, while Karen is playing tourist in Istanbul and being all Eat Pray Love. WTF?! We need a little love over HERE too!!! My morning shower just is NOT the same… er… I have a shower radio…

So I wrote a song. Well, I didn’t. But Sugarland wrote one that said pretty much what I was thinking, so I’m borrowing it. And tweaking it. And they would totally agree with the changes if they knew that Clay and Karen had deserted us…

I can’t sing my way out of a wet paper bag, so just sing these lyrics to yourself using Sugarland’s tune for “I’m Coming Home”:

Well hello, it’s been a long time
And I wanna know
What’s been going on
Since you’ve been gone

And are you alright?
Are you okay?
Me, I’m alright

But is there anyway that you could
Make haste, like a race
Set your ass at the table?
And tell us you’re coming home
Tell ’em you’re coming home

Yes, I know, I know we all love you
And we wore you out
And I know just what you’ll say
Each time I call

You’ll say, “Are you alright?
How’s your head?
Are you alright?
How’s the news being read?

And I’ll say, “I’m feeling strong
But it’s been too long”
So I wrote this song to say I miss you
And tell you to please come home
Waking Crew, I’m hoping you’re coming home

Sun high in the sky up above the trees
Stars in the sky shine lonely, I can see
Oh Waking Crew, we’ll leave a light on for thee

You’re coming home
(I’m coming home)
Tell us you’re coming home
(I’m coming home)
Tell ’em you’re coming home
(I’m coming home, I’m coming home)

(Now here’s your part, Clay and Karen)

I’m going home, I’m going home, I’m going home
(I’m going home)
JRFM, won’t you leave a light on for me?

I’m coming home, leave a light on for me
(I’m coming home)
And I’m coming home
(I’m coming home, I’m coming home)
Tell ’em I’m coming home