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Two reasons to go home

Posted on Jul 13, 2014

We have been having a lovely vacation here in Calgary, but it’s time to head home. With a few stops along the way, we should be home by Thursday at noon. Just in time to get on that Peak bus!!!

What bus? I’m glad you asked! The Peak is loading up a bus of listeners (you and 3 friends) and taking them to Cultus Lake Water Park on the 28th. It’s a Monday, so if you can’t get the day off (or call in sick), maybe skip this paragraph. Between you and me, you could probably win your way on, then send your 4 peeps without you if you can’t make it. The Peak is super flexible and generous – they’ve let me send people in my place before, but I would never abuse the privilege… You can win your way onto that bus in 3 ways:

1) call in when you hear the cue to call at 12:15 each day this week. In fact, maybe start calling as soon as the 12:11 song ends, they will often take the first caller through.

2) Like them on Facebook (or Contests Vancouver) and watch for the post where you can enter.

3) Enter through your Peak VIP account.

If the weather cooperates (which is probable, as it’s looking like a hot and sunny summer), this is a super fun day! You meet at Metrotown Mall in the morning, get on a bus, drive out to Cultus Lake Water Park, get free entry and vouchers for lunch. After 5 or 6 hours of non-stop fun, you get back on the bus and can relax all the way back to Metrotown. Sweeeeeet!!!

The other reason I might like to hurry home is the chance to win $250 from Beat. At 8:10, 12:10, 4:10, and 8:10, caller 25 will automatically win a $250 Interac e-transfer. Presumably you will get this money immediately – one thing about Bell is they get your prize to you quickly! I could sure use $250!!!

There are many more things to win this coming week, so I’ll do a more detailed post later. These two things were the most interesting to me, so I thought I’d share. Let’s win that $250 so we can spend it at Metrotown Mall when we get off the bus from Cultus!!!