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Z Escape!

Posted on Jul 5, 2014

I have been out of town for a week (and still am!) so I haven’t kept up to date on most of the contests going on, but this one has my full attention! I’ve been meaning to update you with a new post but it’s hard to pin down an hour while on vacation. Luckily, we are now in Calgary where their favourite aunt and Gramm are here to entertain them while I get a much-needed break. And since it’s Stampede, I’ll say YA-HOO!!! (apparently they say that instead of yeehaw, which feels odd but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.)

When I originally wrote about this contest, I wasn’t aware of all the details, just that they were loading a plane with 40 listeners and taking them to Vegas. I did NOT realize that being caller 9 doesn’t get you on the plane – it gets you into the August 20th breakfast at the PNE Amphitheatre! There, you and 140 other qualifiers will eat (presumably) and hope to hear your name pulled out of the drum. All the rules and regulations can be found here.

Also, they are not taking 40 listeners. There are 19 trips to be won. 19 listeners + 1 guest each = 38 people. I guess the other 2 spots are for Matty B and his friend! So 141 people might show up for breakfast on August 20th, but only 19 will win a trip. The other 122 will spend their Hump Day in a disappointed haze…

But I’m up for it! It’s just fun to be there, have breakfast (with Matty B??) and have hope. Winning the trip would be bonus! If I don’t win the trip but someone I know does, then we might just head down to Vegas that weekend anyway! 😉

Make sure you and your guest have valid passports ready, you will need to be available to travel between Sept 22-24th. Oh, and if you win, you will have a month to get that beach body ready – check out these amazing pools at the Monte Carlo!!! Eeeek!!!

So get those dialing fingers ready, and listen at 8, 11, 2, and 6 (I love that it’s at 6 and not 5, so people have time to drive home before the cue to call!) Luckily, there will be plenty of chances to qualify as the contest goes till August 15th. I was worried I wouldn’t be back in time to qualify, but now I can relax a bit. I love my Z95.3 app but the streaming delay doesn’t allow me to call in. Another drawback is that it only replays the songs and not the chatter in between, which is a bummer because sometimes I like to go back a few hours and listen when someone wins stuff, or if they’re chatting about something interesting. With JRFM and Peak, you can go back and listen to things that happened 8 hours ago! Super handy. Zed, get on it! 😀