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From EH? to Zed!

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

Thank goodness it’s over! That #ZStickerSelfie game kept us hopping all summer long and I’m exhausted! I will be taking it easy all weekend, resting up for the craziness that is hitting us in September and October.

But first I’m going to take a minute to talk about Zed.

I make no bones about the fact that Zed is my favourite station. I love the music, I love their contests, I love their DJs, I love their whole vibe. They don’t pretend to be something they’re not, which has always been my life’s motto. I don’t want to be a 3 dressed up as a 9. I’m a 7 and I’m ok with that! LOL!

Another reason that I love Zed is because they are fair. They WANT you to win. They love making people happy. Who doesn’t?! So when it seemed like they were only entering people in the draw for the car whose names had already been called, I started to twitch. It couldn’t be! They wouldn’t do that! Would they?? Noooooooo…

But the proof was undeniable – they called everyone who had won the $500 #ZStickerSelfie and asked them where they would be on Friday so they could contact them if they won the car. Then they called them back on Tuesday and asked them where they would be on Thursday afternoon, as they had decided to do the draw then instead. So now everyone that got called was on hyper alert on Thursday afternoon, hoping to see that Zedmobile pulling into their driveway. All the others, everyone else that submitted their selfie, were blissfully unaware that the draw was happening on Thursday. Hmmmmm…

Questions came up. The rules said the contest ran until 8am on Friday, yet they stopped taking submissions on Thursday morning. The rules said you qualified for the car simply by submitting the selfie with the sticker and the hashtag, which meant EVERYONE’s name should be in the draw. What would happen if they drew a person’s name who they hadn’t called? How would they notify them?

Have you ever tried to track someone down that has sent you something or that follows you on social media? It’s EASY! There is no doubt that everyone’s name was in that draw. None. And in fact, the girl that won the car had never been mentioned before, she hadn’t won the $500. But you can bet that she was easy to find via her Instagram profile! With a little cross-referencing, they probably found she had entered other contests, subscribed to their newsletter, and they had all her info at the ready. Easy peasy.

Their only oversight was not appending the rules when they decided to cut off submissions on Thursday and do the draw in the afternoon. But they did give us plenty of warning, and if you waited until Thursday afternoon to submit your selfie then IMO you didn’t deserve to win anyway. You had all freaking summer!!! LOL!

Now they have once again proven their top ranking in the contesting world by making MONDAY the kick-off to their Zed Effects contest. Monday!!! All others are waiting until Tuesday. Do you know what everyone is doing on Monday? That’s right, they’re listening to Z95.3! Aaahahahaha! Those other stations have no idea that Zed is stealing their listeners on Monday… sneaky Zed! Just note that the prize increases by $200 only on Monday, the rest of the time it’s $250.

Now let’s put aside all doubts and all hail Z95.3 as the fairest station in the land. And let my pretend boyfriend Crosby and our kids Matty B and Emilie get on with their good work.