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Have we met???

Posted on Aug 13, 2014

I was thinking today of all the lovely people I’ve met at radio functions in the past 9 months or so, and I just wanted to say that it is absolutely delightful to meet all of you!

This past week I got to meet Erin and her lovely little family (Hi Erin!!!), and on the weekend I got to meet Jeremy and Jessica & her hubby (HEEEEY!!!). Got to swim and hang with Ian and his wonderful family, whom I absolutely admire and adore – they are a family that loves to be together and have so much fun!

Before that I also met Lorraine, who I am pleased to call a friend. She brought some wicked buffalo burgers over and we bbqed them – delish!

And before that, I got to meet Stacy and her charmingly crotchety husband, Paul and his fantastic wife, sweet Jaclyn and her little boy, go-getter Mel, and brief encounters with Jen, Sandra, Melissa, and others that I can’t name right now (it’s waaaaay past beer o’clock!!!)

It is SO fun to meet other contesters! So, so fun. None of my other friends play – it’s like being the only atheist in a village: scorned by most, feared by many, secretly admired by others. So when I meet other contest winners, I’m so thrilled to be among my kind of people! Like an albino at an albino convention! Eeeeee!!!

I just wanted to thank you for playing along, thank you for keeping in touch, and thank you for introducing yourself. I can be awkward and shy when caught off guard, but I truly do love meeting you. Truly. I hope we all win the lottery together so we can have a big party and spend hours chit chatting!