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Hell’s Bell(s)

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Well, what the flippin’ frackin’ is going on with Bell? In the past year the contest rules have changed so much it boggles the mind.

First, you were only allowed to win once every 30 days from ANY Bell Media station. That is, if you won something on The Beat, you couldn’t win anything from QMFM or Team or Beat for 30 days.

Then, we all rejoiced when they changed the rules this year – you CAN win from the other stations, you just can’t win from the SAME station for 30 days. Just like with all the other media outlets!! Wahoo!!

And now, I just don’t even know what the hell is going on… The Team has said that you can’t win from them if you’ve won anything from Team, QMFM, or Beat in the past 30 days. But check the Rules and Regulations on their website, and it tells a different story – you can’t win if you’ve won from Team in the past 30 days.

Same with QMFM.

Same with The Beat.

Except NOW The Beat has gone even further – the Rules and Regulations for the “Phrase That Pays” for Katy Perry tickets states that you can’t have won anything from ANY Bell Media station for THREE MONTHS!!! WTF?!?!

Yet, the “Contest Rules” section still says that if you have won from The Beat, you can’t win again for 30 days. From The Beat. Not “any Bell Media station”.


Soooooo… basically….Bell Media can say whatever they want, make up rules as they go, and not have to stick to their own rules written on their site. Wow.

Since this is a personal blog and I can say whatever I want, let me make this crystal clear: in my opinion, Bell are jerks. They are arrogant. Maybe it’s just their promotions department, but maybe the whole corporation is infected.

This company clearly has no interest in what their listeners say, and don’t give a rat’s ass if they are seen as fair or not. I worked there as a temp one time and they were jerks then too. Some things never change…

I’m so sad that Nat and Drew had to move over there. Now they are tainted too. 🙁