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It’s hard to compare apples and jalapenos!

Posted on Aug 4, 2014

We were at the Rod Stewart and Santana concert last night. Were you there?? I was just reading reviews online, and while they pretty much said everything my husband and I had discussed, there were a few points missing.

Yes, we all agreed that Rod had the tougher challenge – his instrument has aged over the years whereas Santana’s instrument is as old as his latest guitar. Rod’s voice isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still impressive. Santana’s guitar playing is exactly as it has always been – phenomenal!

When I won the tickets, I told everyone that I was going to see Rod, hubby was going to see Santana. In fact, hubby was just as stoked to see Rod, but he was much more enthusiastic than I was about Santana. I was like… meh.

Well, here’s where I eat my words: Santana was incredible, and I was so pumped by the time his set was over that I was really worried for Rod. No way could he outdo that set! Luckily they had a nice long break inbetween, so we had time to come down from our Santana high and get giddy with anticipation for the Rod sets.

When the curtain went up and that shiny white 60’s style stage appeared, I was delighted! The dancing band members and singers in their gorgeous red dresses were stunning, and when Rod walked out in his white suit with a red flower in his breast pocket and red socks, I was pleased with the subliminal message: the Canadian flag! White flanked with red – it made perfect sense! I loved it!!

He wore it well, unfortunately I couldn’t hear it well. I blame the sound guy – he drowned out Rod’s voice! Maybe his mike wasn’t turned up, maybe the music was too loud, or maybe Rod was just mumbling. I couldn’t hear the lyrics to many of the songs, but mumbled along anyway, thinking no one would hear or care if I got them wrong. Hell, they all knew the words – every time Rod went silent and let the crowd sing, it was magical! I could hear the crowd singing along even when Rod didn’t stop singing, which is testament to how quiet his voice was…

That, and he did his signature “jazz hands” and what I can only call “the chicken dance”, with his hands on his hips, elbows waving, and neck jutting out. Similar to Mick, but his feet were doing something strange too… but all that aside, he is the only 69 year old man that I know who can get away with wearing his shirt unbuttoned and look sexy! Yes Rod, YES! I DO think you are sexy! But I still wouldn’t want to see him naked – I have a feeling his knees are knobby… 😀

During Santana, I could not keep still in my seat. My arms were flailing, my feet were dancing, my hips were writhing (as much as they could in that little seat!) It was spicy. During Rod, I was in quiet captivation, transported back to a simpler time and flooded with childhood memories. It was lovely.

So while Santana was hot and exciting and sensual, Rod was classy and fun and sentimental. You just can’t compare the two! They were each equally good for what they were – entertaining.