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Random ramblings…

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Starting next Tuesday, things are about to go cray-cray (am I too old to use that term? Perhaps. Whatevs.) There will be Beat the Bank, a new time for No Time to Google, CFOX payroll, Beat’s phrase that pays, and no doubt some real doozies by Zed and Sonic. Woot! So exciting! As much as I loved the summer doldroms, I am really looking forward to the hectic fall!

In the meantime, I have been trying to entertain my children without spending much money. It ain’t easy! Oh, who am I kidding – I’m just biding my time each day until bedtime. I am exhausted by 2pm, and thus, I am in bed at 8pm. Yes, 8pm. We were at Maple Grove pool and I’m pooped!

Two weeks ago we had a student arrive from Finland to stay with us for a few weeks while she looked for housing in New West. Last spring she had emailed a group that I belong to and asked if anyone knew of any places for rent near Douglas College; even a simple room for rent would do. I emailed her back and said I don’t live anywhere near there, but if you want to come a few weeks early, I can help you find a place. It’s easier and safer to do it from here, plus we can drive around New West and get to know the area. So she did! She’s lovely, and the kids really took to her.

Before she headed to Canada, three other students had contacted her asking if she wanted to rent a house or apartment with them, since they were coming to the same school for the same semester. These students were coming the last week of August, so would stay in a hostel until they found a place. No, no, I insisted. Come stay with us! It’s not luxurious – 2 dogs, 2 kids, you’ll have to sleep on the floor, and there’s only one bathroom. But it’s free, it’s safe, and it’s central. They arrived on Sunday!

So now we have 6 adults, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. And one bathroom. LOL! It’s squishy, but it works. I am happy to help, as I’d hope someone would help MY kids if they went to school in a different country.

The first girl asked how much money I would charge her for staying with us. I said “absolutely nothing!” It doesn’t cost anything to have an extra person sleeping on the floor, and the hot water, electricity, etc. is negligible. The only thing that costs extra is the food – good grief, I had no idea how much food we’d go through! An extra pot of coffee, eggs, toast, milk, etc. I just got a glimpse into my kids’ teen years when they bring their friends over…

Yesterday I drove them out to New West and they checked out their new school, then took the skytrain downtown and found their way back in time for dinner. Today they spent at the PNE so were gone all day, only fed them breakfast – bacon and mini omelets made in a muffin tin. Yum! Tomorrow it’ll be gruel for all! Hah!

The last 3 students haven’t offered to pay or buy groceries, but they’ve only been here 2 days so maybe they will. I normally wouldn’t let them pay, but right now I have $20 in my account and my minivan needs gas. Ugh! What do you think – should I buy milk or gas? LOL! And any suggestions for cheap meals to feed a group of people are welcome.

Fingers crossed that Beat or Zed calls my name this week! LOL!