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This weekend…

Posted on Aug 16, 2014

As far as I know, only The Peak has some goodies for us:

Between 11 and 12: Russell Brewing Prize Pack (BEEEEEEEER!!!)
1:15 – Sea to Sky Gondola passes
3:15 – Summer Sessions Art and Music Festival prize pack (contest on Sat only)
6:15 – Sea to Sky Gondola passes

Sonic will probably have something too, not sure what though.

Next week looks promising, though I am having some trouble figuring out The Beat’s contests page. It says they will have Katy Perry tickets with the “phrase that pays” at 7:10, 8:10, 11:10, and 3:10. Then it says they will also have Katy Perry tickets at 8:10, 12:10, 4:10, and 8:10. Hmmmmm… whatever the case, you will definitely have lots of chances to win Katy Perry tickets next week and the week after with The Beat!

Also causing me some confusion is LG104.3’s new game, the $1000 song. Has anyone actually won it yet?? From what I hear, if you are the right caller and get to play, the soundclip just sounds like static, loud and distorted. If they know this, why is it still happening?? I know it’s dangerous to play the game live, but maybe that’s the better option here. Or play the clip before you give the cue to call. All of us listening on the radio can hear it fine, but the person trying to play can’t hear it. Seems a bit unfair… no?? Aside from that, it’s nice to hear Larry back on the radio, and I sometimes like stepping into the time machine and revisiting the memories of my teens and twenties with their tunes…

Lastly, I would just like to say that I am devastated that I didn’t win my way into that Zed breakfast at the PNE, with a chance to win a trip to Vegas with Matty B. Devastated, I tell you! The only upside is that I KNOW Zed will be having another awesome contest starting in September, and the kids will be in school so I will have more time to concentrate on winning. And THIS is why I need that damned teachers’ strike to be over!!! LOL! Actually, I’ll still have a little one at home, but he is easily distracted… heh, heh.

Have a great weekend!