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Two cash contests coming up!

Posted on Aug 24, 2014

Yaaaay! I love these cash prize contests! Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL contests and prizes, but in these lean times, cash is king!!!

1) The Beat

“The phrase that pays” is going to bring you $1000, but only if you know what it is. Even my husband, who doesn’t remember our anniversary or our childrens’ birthdays, knows this: The Beat 94.5 is Vancouver’s number 1 hit music station! (I think you actually have to add the exclamation mark to show your enthusiasm). In order to have your name called, you have to have signed up. Plus, you can enter daily to increase your odds of being called. And for an extra entry, you can make a little video and use something called KEEK, I dunno what that is, but you can get more info HERE.

If they call your name, you have 30 minutes to call them back. I like that they give you so much time – it gives me plenty of time to hunt you down! If you want me to listen for your name, send me your details if you haven’t already done so: I will call (or text or email or Facebook message) you if I hear your name. Why? Because I’d want someone to do it for ME if I couldn’t listen all the time. And if you win, I hope you do something nice for someone else – pay it forward, that’s all I ask.

This contest starts this Monday, Aug 25th, and runs till October 24th. So about 150 names will be called – I hope yours is one of them!


This is a fun contest that I’ve heard played in previous years: they call a name and that person has 9 minutes to call back. If they do, they win $250 and get put on the payroll: for every subsequent person who doesn’t call back in 9 minutes, they get $250! Sweet!!

So at the very least, if they call your name and you call back, you win $250. And if the others weren’t listening (or didn’t have a friend, ahem, listening for them), you could stay on the payroll for DAYS! How cool would THAT be?! But just to be fair, I WILL put in 5 or 6 minutes trying to track down each person…

This contest doesn’t start until September 2nd, but the registration for it opens August 25th. But only one entry per person, so everyone has the same odds. It runs till October 24th too, coincidentally (and conveniently!)

Again, if you want me to listen for your name and contact you if I hear it, just shoot me an email with your name and preferred method of contact. I’m happy to do it, since I’m listening anyway. And yes, CFOX, I listen. Because I like you.

I noticed the other day that Rock 101 has blocked me on Twitter. How perplexing, as I never tweet to them. Sometimes I used to RT them, but not very often. Sad, really, that they (ok, probably Mike) are so threatened by this simple blog that is only trying to help people. They’re like the schoolyard kid that gets mad and takes the ball and goes home. It’s supposed to be all in fun, but I guess some people take their jobs a little too seriously. Maybe nobody’s done something nice for them in a long time…