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Contest Overviews and Reviews

Posted on Sep 7, 2014

Wow, there are some amazing contests happening this fall! Some of the usual ones, but also one I’ve never heard of before. Let’s review:

1) Jack FM – have you registered for their Win at Work yet?? They’ve upped their game, playing 4 times per day instead of 3 (added an 8am name). Four times per day they “say hello” to someone. That person has 30 minutes to call them back. If they call back in time, they win either $100, $500, $1000, or $5000. I’ve only ever heard of people winning $100, so if you or someone you know has ever won more, please let me know. And for crap sakes GO REGISTER! Then send me an e-mail with your name and how to contact you in case they say your name:

Also on Jack, they’ve moved No Time to Google to 7am, and the prize is $100. If you win, you can play again the next day and try to win another $100. So as long as you’re winning, you can keep playing. But if you lose, you lose ALL of it.

They are also taking qualifiers for a trip to Vegas to see Kiss and Penn & Teller. I LOVE P&T, have been dying to see them! I want in on this draw!!! Four chances per day, haven’t gotten through ONCE. Harumph.

I wish they would remove that Mexico Correspondent bit from their Contests page. It’s a sad reminder that I can’t go, taunts me every time I see it…

2) QMFM – Beat the Bank. Play at 7:05, 8:05, and 4:05. Nothing to be said about this, except that I wish Nat and Drew would wait until after the song to take the final caller like they used to do at Virgin. It gave us more time to find the phone, fumble with numbers, and hit redial a dozen times!

3) Sonic – this is a new and interesting game. It may have been played before but I’ve never heard it. What happens is that 3 times per day they write a day, month, and year on a piece of paper, then stick it in an envelope (supposedly, though I doubt they actually stick it in an envelope). They announce the month, then take the 9th caller through. If that person’s birthday is in the announced month, they get $100. Then they open the envelope and read out the DAY. If that person’s birthday is on THAT day, they win $1000. Then they read out the year, and if it’s that person’s year of birth they win a million dollars! You can play at 7:10, 8:10, and 11:10. I don’t know why they still insist on playing against Beat times, they have a solid and loyal listener base. No need to compete…

4) Rock 101 – Viva Rock Vegas! The 10th caller through AFTER the song “Life in the Fast Lane” by the Eagles plays is going to Vegas! Sweet! Mike might hate me but I still love Rock 101. So SUCK IT, Mike! 😀

5) Peak – they are starting a new Peak It Forward game, we will get the details on Monday at 8:30am. But if you register at nTrust (HERE) you are eligible to win $5000. I don’t know what nTrust is, but it sounds interesting – money in a cloud. Cool. It sounds like this contest is about nominating people who need cash, and then the nominated and nominator both win something. I like this idea better than the JRFM one where you asked for the money for yourself…

6) CFOX – have you registered to be on their Payroll yet? If not, go sign up! Then shoot me an e-mail with your name and phone number so I can text or call you if they say your name. But you only get 9 minutes to call back, so stay alert at around 8:25, 11:20, 2:15, 5:20 (ish). They almost never say the name right on the hour, and sometimes it’s even after half past. Clever – it keeps us listening! And really, the more I listen to CFOX, the more I like it… it used to be the ONLY thing I listened to in my 20’s. With last week’s glitch – they called the wrong person to say they were still on the payroll – we now know that the names on the payroll are predetermined well in advance. If you sign up today, your name probably won’t be called for at least a few days.

7) JRFM – these guys have some GREAT things coming up! This 1K per Day game is not my favourite (collect words 5 times per day, enter any or all in your Online account, get in the draw to win $1000 each day), but it’s an easy one. You don’t even have to listen all day (though country fans generally do, and I <3 country), you can get all the words at the end of the day by scanning the online streaming bits. As long as the words are entered by midnight, you're in the next day's draw. There are some WICKED trips to be won in Oct and Nov, and I can't WAIT!!! More on those later... 8) Beat - The Phrase That Pays happens 4 times per day. If you haven't registered, do it! You get 30 minutes to call them back if they say your name, which gives me plenty of time to track you down if I hear it. But wouldn't it be SO much easier to just have your name on my list and call you immediately if I hear it?? Soooo much easier. So send it to me at and I'll help you win $1000!!! Yaaaay! 9) LG104.3 - Elton John tickets! If this is still happening, you have to be caller 4 when you hear 2 EJ songs back to back. If this isn't happening this week, you can still try to win $1000 with the 1 second song clip. I heard Brad rocked it last week! Way to go, Brad!!!!! 10) Z95.3 - WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE?!?! We are STILL trying to figure out what that Z-FX is... I've gone from "aluminum sliding window closing" to "turnstile" to "screen door closing" to "Coin-o-matic being pushed in, like on a pay-per-wash washing machine". But seriously, it doesn't sound like any of those REALLY. You know what it sounds like? A fucking PAPER CUTTER!!! LOL! But it's not. So don't guess that.... Many of the stations will be giving away Usher and Maroon 5 tickets this coming week too, so keep an eye on the daily schedule if you want to go. Both of those concerts are going to be incredible, definitely worth the time to call in and win! Now go and register for Jack's Win at Work, CFOX payroll, and Beat's Phrase That Pays. I'm listening anyway, so I'm happy to call or text you if it's YOUR name they call! 😀