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This weekend

Posted on Sep 6, 2014

There are three things going on this weekend that I know about. Probably there are others, but I haven’t had time to check. If you hear of anything, let me know.

Rock 101 – Elton John tickets every hour between 6am and 6pm, both Saturday and Sunday. The tickets are to the September 14th show (my birthday, coincidentally!) so I told my husband to win us some tickets. He won’t. But at least I made him think about my birthday… LOL!

Peak – win a Russell Brewing prize pack between 11am and noon, both Sat and Sun. It doesn’t say what’s in the prize pack, but I’d hope there’s at least SOME beer! Mmmmmm… beer…. great day for a BBQ!!!

Z95.3 has Maroon 5 tickets this weekend! More like Ma-SWOON 5, if you know what I mean… Watch and listen for clues to when they will be given away.

I am taking today and tomorrow off, resting up for the madness of Monday. It was crazy last week, but things are about to get ridiculous! Sonic is hitting us with the Million Dollar Birthday game, JRFM is going to have 1K Per Day, and Peak is Peaking it Forward!

Mind. Blown.