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Life’s lessons

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Life is full of scary and dangerous situations. I’ve been robbed at knifepoint (well, it was a screwdriver, but still could’ve killed me), hit by a car, and assaulted. I’ve had scabies, std’s, and lice. I’ve been broker than broke, poorer than poor, lived in squalor, and begged for change. Thieves have stolen my money, my bicycle, and my car. And while all of those things were awful in their own right, I’ve never let them invade my sense of security.

I heard from a neighbour about a month ago that there’s a person breaking into peoples’ homes in our part of town. There is a family with two daughters in their late teens who were awoken at 5am by the sound of someone breaking into their kitchen. The father yelled “we are HOME!” and the man said “I know. I’m here to kill you!” By the time the father got his pants on and got downstairs, the guy was gone. These folks are understandably shaken, and I couldn’t blame them if they had to get some therapy (I certainly would!) They live 4 blocks from my house. This incident has our whole area on high alert, watching for suspicious behaviour and staying vigilant.

When my husband is working late, I often get an uneasy feeling. I prefer it when he leaves at least one of our dogs at home. Our shepherds are scary, but they’re the quiet kind of scary – they don’t bark unless there’s a real reason to. At the very least, they can hear a pin drop, and would wake me up immediately if there was anyone at our door.

Last night, we were all home and we had a lovely, quiet evening. Hubby and I were up until 1am – he was watching tv and I was working on my Gold Digger video. The dogs snoozed happily downstairs with us, while the kids slept soundly upstairs. When we went to bed at 1am, nothing was amiss.

Today we left the house late – it was noon before we decided to head out to the pool. I always tell the kids to get in the car, and I do a final sweep before I leave the house – back door is locked, stove is off, windows are closed, etc. When I got to the car, both kids were in their car seats. I said “who made this mess?” and they looked at me in dismay. “What mess?” There were things strewn about on the floor of the minivan. It looked like someone had dumped out the junk basket. Then I remembered that I didn’t have a junk basket – I took it out a few months ago when I cleaned out the car!

Aaah, I get it. Someone’s rifled through my car. They pulled the stuff out of the console. Then I noticed my old wallet on the ground outside my car, with business cards and old receipts on the grass beside it. Aha! They were looking for money. Hah! I picked up the stuff and shook my head. Fools.

As I opened the hatchback, it opened far too easily. It hadn’t been latched. A cursory check told me nothing was missing – soccer ball, swimming vest, ear protection headset, sweaters. All accounted for. If they took anything, I have no idea what it was. I never keep anything of value in the car. so if they took anything it wasn’t worth much.

The kids didn’t seem bothered about the fact that someone had rifled through our car, and I wasn’t either. They didn’t wreck anything, they left the car seats and kids’ videos. They (seemingly) didn’t touch the glove compartments (what? You don’t need a diaper?!) Nothing was broken, nothing was missing, nothing was trashed. They didn’t find what they were looking for, and went away quietly.

The incident bugs the HELL out of my husband! I had to listen to a 5 minute lecture about identity theft and that one time 4 years ago that I left my wallet in the car and sometimes I used to leave mail in the car and now they’re going to come try our door every night and…


Shit happens. I deal with it and move on. If there’s a lesson to be learned, I learn it but I see no need to advertise the lesson, analyze it, and beat people over the head with it. I’m a quiet processor though, and some people need to discuss things to process them. *shrug*

Obviously I had forgotten to lock the car (the alarm would have gone off). My new bedtime routine will include hitting the LOCK button on my remote key when I check that the front door is locked…