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Monday the 6th

Posted on Oct 6, 2014

We hit the ground running this morning! First up, JRFM secret word (no idea what the prize is yet, but will update when I know).

Next up, Z95.3’s 1K Weekend game at 6:45. Woot! More on that, and Rock 101’s new Cash or Car contest HERE.

Then we’re into the 7am rush, with JRFM playing “Barbara’s Roller Coaster Party Jam” game to win your way into Friday’s draw for another wicked trip to Anaheim. All you have to do is name the song that’s playing when you hear the roller coaster (I think)…

On the heels of that is another Peak Pay it Forward name, QMFM Beat the Bank, Beat Phrase That Pays, and Sonic’s Million Dollar Birthday game. Somewhere in there is also Jack FM’s No Time To Google, which I love listening to but never have the time to play. If you win it, you get $100 but also the chance to make MORE if you play again the next day. Fun!

Jack spins the Wheel 4 times per day, starting at 7:40. Also this week with Kiah & Tara Jean, you can win a 4 pack of passes to Disney on Ice, passes to the West Coast Women’s Show, and qualify to meet Y&R star Michelle Stafford (OMG, this would be incredible!!! But of course I would rather take my kids to Disney on Ice…!!!)

The 8am rush usually starts with the Z-FX, but since I’ve completely given up on guessing the sound, I’m just going to focus on the other stuff and you can let me know how the Z-FX goes…

The Peak hasn’t updated their site yet either, but there will likely be a nice prize for the Not-So-Secret-Word. at 8:10.

LG is still taking qualifiers for Billy Joel this week, so be caller 4 when you hear the song of the day (if I don’t catch it, just call and ask them – they are great at sharing!

Watch JRFM’s Facebook page this week for a Value Village post. Come up with a cool costume using the props they give you, and they will choose a winner of $100 to spend at Value Village. Firstly, I love, love, LOVE Value Village – I was already there and picked up Halloween costumes for my kids. Secondly, I love the creativity this contest inspires!

One more thing: go enter in your Beat VIP account to win a $500 Wake Up Call from the Gleesome Threesome! Details and log-in HERE.

There are probably a dozen new contests happening this week, but the sites aren’t updated yet. I will add them to the schedule as they appear. And let’s have some FUN!!! 😀

But before we get started, I must confess THIS. *oops*


5:40 – JRFM, give the secret word (4 tix to Home & Design show and Lady Antebellum’s new CD)
6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (TBA)
7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (Fraser Downs Track Pack incl. dinner for 4)
7:00 – Peak, Pay it Forward name
7:00 – Jack, No Time to Google ($100)
7:00 – JRFM, Roller Coaster Party Jam
7:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank
7:10 – Beat, Phrase That Pays
7:10 – Sonic, Million Dollar Birthday
7:30 – LG104.3, $1000 song in 1 second
7:35. – Z95.3, Cash Quiz for up to $2000
7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute
7:40 – Rock 101, IQ Test
7:40 – Sonic, Tag Team Trivia
7:40 – Jack, Wheel of Winning
8-8:30 – Jack, Win at Work name (after Start Me Up by Rolling Stones)
8:00 – Z95.3, Zed Effect (jackpot is $5750!!!!!!!!!!!)
8:00 – Rock 101, Cash or Car
8:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank
8:10 – Peak, Not So Secret Word (tix to Peak Performance Project showcase)
8:10 – Beat, Phrase That Pays
8:10 – Million Dollar Birthday
8:30 – CFOX, Payroll name
9-2 – Beat, tix to Home and Design Show
9:20 – Jack, passes to West Coast Women’s Show, meet & greet with Y&R star
10-2 – QMFM, 4 tix to The Wiggles
10-10:30 – Jack, Win at Work (after Unwell by Matchbox 20)
10:30 – Peak, BC Lions tix
11-11:30 – Jack, Win at Work (after Low Rider by War)
11:00 – Rock 101, Cash or Car
11:00 – Peak, Pay it Forward name
11:00 – JRFM, Roller Coaster Party Jam
11:00 – CFOX, Payroll name
11:00 – Z95.3, Zed Effect
11:10 – Beat, Phrase That Pays
11:10 – Sonic, Million Dollar Birthday
11:40 – Jack, Wheel of Winning
12:15 – JRFM, Lunch Bite ($25 to Subway)
12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite for $50 to Sempio
2-2:30 – Jack, Win at Work (after The Way by Fastball)
2-7 – Sonic, tickets to Gravecouver at Metrotown
2:00 – Peak, Pay it Forward name
2:00 – JRFM, Roller Coaster Party Jam
2:00 – Rock 101, Cash or Car
2:00 – CFOX, Payroll name
2:00 – Z95.3, Zed Effect
2:40 – Jack, Wheel of Winning
3-8 – Jack, tix to Doobie Brothers
3:10 – Beat, Phrase that Pays
3:30 – Peak, tix to Alt-J
4:00 – Z95.3, Zed Effect
4-5 – JRFM, U-Turn (?)
4:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank
4:40 – Jack, Wheel of Winning
5:00 – Peak, Pay it Forward name
5:00 – JRFM, Roller Coaster Party Jam
5:00 – Rock 101, Cash or Car
5:00 – CFOX, Payroll name
5:00 – Z95.3, Fresh Five at Five ($50 for Subway)
7-12 – Sonic, passes to Fright Nights at Playland
7:00 – Peak, Pay it Forward name
7:00 – JRFM, Roller Coaster Party Jam

Good luck!