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Posted on Oct 19, 2014

I assume that most of the people that read my blog are also on Twitter. That may or may not be true, I don’t actually know why I assume that. Maybe it’s because it’s just easier that way – I don’t have to worry about reaching people any other way. The only other avenue is through Facebook, and as far as social media goes, it pales in comparison. If you’re NOT on Twitter and still reading this post, I’m impressed! 😀

Twitter, like Facebook and probably other social media sites, has etiquette. I am socially awkward in person, and no less so online. So I make mistakes. I worry about offending people, as sarcasm (admittedly the poorest form of comedy) is hard to convey and often misread. I have a sharp tongue that I work hard to tame, so I try to re-read my tweets before I send them to make sure they don’t sound snarky. I don’t want to sound snarky. Sarcastic, maybe, but not snarky.

When I’m in a hurry, like for the contests that only give you 9 or 10 minutes to call in, I sometimes type too fast or mess up a name. I try to delete it asap and re-write it properly, but sometimes it takes a few minutes, especially if I’m distracted by another radio station.

Twitter sends me an email notification when someone tweets me. I don’t have push notifications turned on, so I only see those notifications when I check my gmail account (every few hours). Today there was an email notifying me that I was mentioned in a tweet. It was a nice tweet, saying that a Ted X talk about doing nice things reminded them of what I do. Wow, that was really nice, how thoughtful. But this tweet was sent 5 hours ago, how did I not see it in my notifications on Twitter? I went back and double, triple checked my notifications feed. Nope. Nothing there. The only notification from that time of day was from Phil, Jack’s promotions director, who followed me today (Hi Phil, you sexy hunk of promotions genius!)

So naturally, I looked the tweeter up and checked THEIR feed – yup, they had tweeted that alright. But they had deleted the original tweet and retweeted it to Hidden Cash YVR instead! So they had accidentally typed in ContestVan, realized their mistake, and deleted the tweet. Huh. Well, it’s true, Hidden Cash YVR certainly does do nice things for others and not expect anything in return. Absolutely! He has given away over $19,000 already – WOW!

I wonder if I’ve helped the radio stations give away that much money. Possibly. And they probably hate me for it. Nobody hates the Hidden Cash guy…

And if gmail hadn’t sent me a notification, I never would have known about the nice thing that was almost said about me. I think I’ll turn off notifications now… LOL!