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Two things worth mentioning…

Posted on Oct 5, 2014

There are two new things that are tickling my fun bone this week:

1) 1K Weekend

Z95.3 continues to impress me with their fun and unique games! This is one I haven’t seen before – find out the “featured artist” on the weekend, then be caller 9 at 6:45 Monday morning. If you know the artist (and why wouldn’t you, they tell you what it is at 11, 2, and 4 on both Saturday and Sunday!), you win $500. But wait, there’s MORE! If you can correctly answer a question about that artist, you win ANOTHER $500! WOOT!

On their blurb about the contest HERE, at the bottom it says “And that will start with $1000.” That sentence doesn’t make any sense to me at all, probably it’s a mistake. But I guess we’ll just have to listen to find out for sure! I’ll be listening…

2) Cash or Car?

Rock 101 has a crazy new game starting this week too, and it’s scary! At 8, 11, 2, and 5 each weekday, if you are the 10th caller you’ve got some serious decisions to make! Do you want to maybe win a new car, or do you want to take the sure-thing: between $1 and $5000 cash?!?!

Four times per day for 33 days, they will take qualifiers for the draw for a brand new car – a sporty looking Mazda CX-5. That’s a possible 132 people in the draw. The more people that choose the instant cash, the better your odds get.

My husband and I discussed this yesterday and at first he said he would take the instant cash. But when I told him the biggest cash prize was $5000 and the car is worth over $28,000, he said he’d stay in the draw instead. What if he chose the cash and it was only $50? He’d kick himself! Hmmmmm… I’m still not sure what I would do… What will YOU do???

So dangerous. So fun!!!