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Halloween and DJs

Posted on Nov 1, 2014

Wow, what a super fun Halloween we had!!! Here’s a picture of me sitting in front of my house beside the sidewalk. I scared the CRAP out of hundreds of people. Luckily they all thought it was funny. I didn’t move if the kids were little, but it was a riot scaring the older ones!!!


My kids have their haul spread out on the living room floor and are sorting them into baggies according to some groupings only children understand (Rockets with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups??) I am plastered to the reclining couch – I got hit with some brutal cold at about 12:30 today, on our drive home from language classes. First I sneezed. Then my nose started running. It was soon followed by a sore throat, a stiff neck, and aches and pains. By the time I got home a half hour later, all I wanted to do was crawl into my pjs and set up shop on the couch: hot tea with honey, Advil Cold and Flu, Kleenex box, blanket, iPad, iPhone, portable radio, pen and paper. Thank god the kids have all this candy to play with so I don’t have to entertain them!

Now that my body is forcing me to sit and think, I have some time to reflect on the past week. It was a lovely week, wasn’t it?! Some nice people won some nice things, and I couldn’t be happier for them! Although I technically didn’t WIN anything, I received some lovely gifts (which I refer to as warm hugs because that’s how they feel). It started with last weekend’s VSO tickets (thank you Bonnie!), and culminated with the gift cards I got on Friday (thank you Pat and Jess!) In between, I got gifts and hugs from another friend (you know who you are), which eased my financial crises considerably and gave me the warm fuzzies. We all need warm fuzzies sometimes…

Down but not out, I will start writing the schedule for Monday. Meanwhile, I’ll listen for the 1K Artist and keep track of the song titles for Monday’s 6:45am contest. Then I’ll try to get my Lotto 93.7 numbers in, though it’s hard to get through and I’m not sure which caller they’re taking – Jaxon took caller 9 on Thursday but today it sounded like the DJ today took caller one. Speaking of DJs…

…one other thing happened this week – another person shared their Rock 101 experience with me. They had 2 lines ringing for Cash or Car. DJ answers the first one, says “you’re caller 8”. DJ answers the second line, says “you’re caller 8.” HUH?!

Maybe it’s a thing DJs like to do – it must get awfully lonely there in the booth, maybe they come up with some games to play. Like letting caller 10 be a woman, and tell all the guys they’re caller 8 until they get to a female caller. Or vice versa. In order to play this game, they first have to get the caller to speak. So they say “. Who’s this?” at which point the excited caller says “Helloooo! It’s ——!” The DJ then quickly goes to the next caller, saying “keep trying!” There’s no time to even say “heeeeey!!! I was ALREADY caller 8!!!” They’ve already hung up the line.

I tweeted Rock 101’s promotions head honcho a picture of this conversation yesterday and he said “very odd”. Uh, no. Not odd at all. It happens all too often (has it happened to YOU??) Maybe he is unaware that this goes on, or maybe he knows but looks the other way. Or maybe it’s not unfair at all, because they can run the contest any way they like. I am not saying that Rock 101 DJ’s are the only ones that do it – in fact, it’s even possible that a Virgin Radio DJ did it to me once (it was during Gold Digger a few years back). And while I GET it, it still seems rather unfair. As Corrie said on FB this week – caller 4 is caller 4!

So instead of asking the caller to identify themselves, it would be fairer if the DJ just answered the calls IN ORDER, and said merely “you’re caller 1”, “you’re caller 5”, etc, and then simply answered the winning line by saying “you’re our lucky caller! What’s your name?”

Like all the fairest DJs do…

Sonic even took it a step further and VIDEOed them opening the Million Dollar Birthday envelope! NICE!!!