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Posted on Nov 29, 2014

I am so happy that JRFM and the Sunshine Band are retiring on Sunday night! While I enjoyed hearing them – sometimes they were good, sometimes they were bad, but they were always enthusiastic – it’s time for them to hang up their hats. Let’s have a peaceful Christmas, shall we?

The game was annoying to me. Firstly, you could qualify as often as you wanted. What?? Why?! At least when you qualify for the Antigua trip on Jack, you know that people can only qualify once – that gives everyone an equal opportunity which seems so much fairer.

Plus, they would always take caller 9 on Jack. Why, why, WHY does JRFM take caller ONE?! Some people qualify more than once because they have great phones/phone lines, while the rest of us can’t even get a ring! I would start hitting redial as soon as the song started, hoping that my line would be connecting as soon as they opened the phone lines. Nope. No luck. I got so frustrated after the first week that I just changed the station after 5 redials, and I stopped trying completely after 7 days. There was one time when Jaxon was taking caller 9 and I was caller 4 or 7 or something. That was exhilarating – it gave me hope! LOL! False hope, turns out…

Last January JRFM had that great Red Solo Cup contest that sent folks to Vegas! Ooooh, that was so fun! Let’s compare THAT exciting contest to the current one:

JRFM and the Sunshine Band:

– odds of winning: slim
– odds of getting through on the phone: slimmer
– fun: not. The novelty wore off after we’d heard all the songs
– difficulty: high. Even if you managed to get through on the phone lines, the pool of qualifiers is getting so big you aren’t likely to get chosen anyway.

Red Solo Cup:

– odds of winning: 1 in 5
– odds of getting through on the phone: tough but not impossible
– fun: SO MUCH! Even if I didn’t get to play, I still listened because it was SO exciting!! Plus I wanted to keep track of which cup was chosen, just in case I got through the next time.
– difficulty: low. That is probably what made this game so much fun – the fact that it was easy, and gave you quite the rush! The odds of winning were pretty good, and there was a high chance of instant gratification. FUN!!!

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that they bring back Red Solo Cup!!!

Or something even better – load up a plane to go with Clay and Karen somewhere. Vegas? Mexico? Nashville? Even just a bunch of people for dinner and the Taylor Swift concert! Wheeeeee!! I’d definitely try for that…

JRFM not only has some of the loyalest listeners, they also have some of the most interesting and engaging contests. Hats off to them!!!