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Online Contests

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

Out of sheer boredom, I’m doing a post about things you can enter online. The odds of winning are low, but hey, there’s no harm in trying! 😀

Please keep in mind that these contests are for BC residents only. (I’m sorry if you’re the person in Edmonton or Ottawa that has been reading my posts.)

Nat & Drew could show up at your Christmas party if it takes place on December 13th. They will be showing up at 4 different parties that day, and they will be bringing presents! Sweet!! So go sign up HERE before midnight on Thursday December 4th.

They also have a 4 pack of tickets to the Christmas Market, enter HERE.

You could win 4 VIP tickets to the Roger’s Santa Claus Parade on December 7th. Enter HERE.

Rock 101
You could win tickets to a Giants game, haircuts for a year, passes to Capilano Suspension Bridge, and invites to the ACDC album release party. Log in to your account and enter the contests HERE.

Log in to your VIP account HERE for a chance to win tickets to the Giants, Elliot Brood, The Mounties, or Mother Mother.

Log in HERE to win a chance at a $500 gift card to Future Shop, or tickets to the Stanley Park train plus dinner (a $50 gift card to Spaghetti Factory).

Enter the Jackaholics Club HERE to win passes to the Christmas Market, tickets to One Republic, or VIP tickets to the Santa Claus Parade.

Log in HERE to win passes to Science World.

Enter HERE to log in for a chance to win tickets to a Giants game plus $100 to White Spot.

Did you know that LG stands for “Life is Good”?? I didn’t. Huh. Anyway, you could win a free one year membership at an elite gym by entering HERE.

Last but never least, enter HERE to tell them about someone you know that could use a pick-me-up this season. I love this because it really comes from the heart. It can be as simple as a dinner out, or it could be as lavish as a trip. I imagine people writing in and asking for a full fridge for a poor neighbour, or flying in a relative for a recently widowed elderly person, or a pre-decorated Christmas tree for a family that lost their home to a fire, or just concert tickets for someone that helped push your car out of the snow. Make it real, make it honest, but don’t make it up. Don’t enter just for the sake of entering, enter because you truly want to show your appreciation to someone (could probably even be anonymous if you wanted it to be). I’m not entering personally because I don’t have anyone in my life that is poorer than me! Haha! There is nothing I could offer anyone that they couldn’t buy themselves. Except for my elderly neighbour whose husband died in the summer and the raccoons and birds have torn up her back yard looking for those grubs – anyone want to come put in some turf? I think it’ll have to wait till summer anyway. That’s about the only person I know who could use a hand…