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Alarm BELLs!

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

It’s happening again.

It probably happens all the time, but nobody says anything because they don’t know who to tell, or they think they’ll get banned if they complain.

But enough’s enough. If nobody ever calls them on it, things will never change.

I’ll tell you the facts, and after that I’ll tell you what I think. You can make up your own mind (or send me your stories and let’s keep track!)

This morning was the 11th Day of JAKEmas on TSN1040. Many of you, both men AND women, have won great prizes during JAKEmas. Today, two women working side by side both got through (okay, seriously, where do they get these magic phones?!) When the calls were answered, it went like this:

Woman 1: phone ringing

Woman 2: phone ringing

Woman 1: line is picked up, man says simply “hello caller 9” and hangs up.

Woman 2: line is picked up, man says “Hi, what’s YOUR name?” Woman 2 tells him. He says “you’re caller 9!” and hangs up.

A man won.

Here’s the part where I tell you what I think, though I’m sure most of you already know what I’m thinking, because you’re thinking it too.

Here are the rules as written on the TSN1040 website:

On-Air Contest Rules
1. No purchase necessary. The contest runs at such time as is indicated on-air by the program host at the applicable radio station on which the contest airs (the “Station”). The caller who places the call received in the position indicated by the program host (for example, the 8th caller) and who correctly answers the mathematical skill testing question posed by the Station representative will be eligible to win the prize. In the event the entrant is outside of the local calling area, standard long distance rates as charged by the entrant’s long distance service provider will apply.

Nowhere on there does it say “we can choose whether we want a man or woman to win” or “we can take as many caller 9’s as we want” or “we can decide simply by hearing your name whether we want to give the prize to you or not!”

WTF, Bell Media? Seriously, WTF?! This is the kind of crap I fully expect from Corus, but I rarely have heard complaints about Bell DJ’s since certain people were fired… (I would like to note that it was NOT Jake who was answering the phones.)

So, I think it’s time to keep track. While I can’t file an official complaint unless I am the complainant, at least we will be able to show a pattern of behaviour, which will give more merit to the complaints that the Competition Bureau and actually officially receive. Just writing a blog post about it may be enough proof that they are getting away with their cheating ways, and have been doing so for years.

I’m not going to fight the big corporations on my own. They would squash me. But I AM going to tell everyone what I hear. If you’re cheating, I’m calling you on it.