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Boxing Day BS

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

Another Christmas come and gone. Whew! Though I complain, it’s all worth it…

I dragged my kids to Hastings Street on Xmas Eve to give out the 44 mini muffins I had baked (there WERE 48 but the kids got hungry on the way downtown), and the few dozen gingerbreads we had decorated in the morning. My 8 year old complained the whole time – didn’t want to go, didn’t want to give away our treats, there would be none left for us, etc. The 4 year old just whined because it was chilly. *sigh*

We parked one street over from Hastings, somewhere near China Town I think. I’m unfamiliar with the area, so I have no idea where we were. As soon as we hit the Hastings St street vendors selling their wares, yells of “KIDS ON THE BLOCK!” resonated down the street. I was grateful for their thoughtfulness, and we happily handed out the muffins and cookies to anyone that wanted one. I don’t think these people were necessarily homeless, but they were all still thankful and kind. One man even gave my kids a dollar each, even though he wasn’t able to take any treats because he had a sore tooth! I was very touched.

We dropped off all of our extra clothes and stuff at the Eastside Women’s Shelter where a lovely receptionist named Chilibean greeted me SO pleasantly and shook my hand, I felt instantly comfortable. They immediately grabbed a wheeled cart and came out to the van to get our donation. It was easy and it felt good to clean out our cupboards while helping someone else.

I’m glad we went during a nice sunny day, it could be scary for the kids (and me) at night. We will go again, and not necessarily during Christmas. Maybe when the cold weather hits, when they will be using more energy to keep warm…

On Christmas morning we played a joke on our kids. Our daughter just turned 8 so this might be the last year she believes in Santa. She is already questioning it, I suspect the kids at school have told her the secret. Since we figure our kids will end up in therapy anyway, we may as well give them lots to talk about! So after they had both fallen asleep we took away all of THEIR presents from under the tree and replaced them with empty boxes and ripped wrapping paper. We left the presents for us. LOL! I made a video of their reaction, which didn’t turn out quite as I expected. You can watch that HERE. I was hoping they would come down and be all indignant or have a hissy fit or cry. Alas, our kids are pretty mellow. Bummer… LOL!

Next week will likely be pretty slow for contests, but I’ll keep an eye and ear open. Rock 101 posted that they were giving away Easy Money but it didn’t say when it starts – hopefully Monday! It’s $100 for caller 9 every time they play the artist of the day. I could use $100! 😀

If I have some spare time (I am sure I will, as kids will be playing with their new Frozen dolls if all goes according to plan!), I will write up a year-end review of the most memorable 2014 contests. If there’s one that stands out to you – good or bad – please send me an email and tell me what you liked/disliked about the contest. It’s good to hear others’ reviews and thoughts, as I’m sure there are different opinions than mine! 😀

Now we are heading to Science World – we got a year’s membership from Auntie and Grammy for Xmas! Best gift ever – keeps giving ALL year! We’ve only been to SW on their FREE days (about 4 times) and it’s always a zoo. It’ll be nice to go there whenever we want this year – my kids love it there! I’m looking forward to being out of the house and not having to entertain my kids for a few hours. And by “entertain” I mean break up squabbles, wipe bums, get snacks, etc. 😀

I hope you all had a magical Christmas Day, whether you celebrated or not. I will take ANY excuse for a quiet day off, be it thanks to Christ’s birthday or Santa or any other imaginary icon.