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Contests of 2014

Posted on Dec 31, 2014

Wow, it’s been a fantastic year of fun (and shitty) contests! Let’s take a moment to remember the good and the bad:

Top 5

These are the contests that stood out to me the most. I didn’t win, but I sure enjoyed playing!

#5 – Beat the Bank (QMFM) and Gold Digger (Z95.3)

#4 – Phrase That Pays (Beat)

#3 – Mystery Laughs (Rock 101)

#2 – Z-FX (Z95.3)

#1 – Red Solo Cup (JRFM)

Bottom 5

These are the contests that I disliked the most. They were either hard to play, had crappy odds of winning, made people feel bad, or the prizes weren’t great.

#5 – Payroll (CFOX)

#4 – Wheel of Winning (Jack)

#3 – 1 K a Day (JRFM) and Peak It Forward (Peak)

#2 – Million Dollar Birthday (Sonic)

#1 – You Say It, We Pay It (JRFM)

Which contests did YOU enjoy the most?

I must also mention the win-your-way-in contests – many of them were great and some were just ok. The ones where you instantly win your way in (QMFM’s Mexico with Nat and Drew, Beat’s Mexico with Gleesome Threesome, Z95.3’s Launch Party, Rock 101’s High School Reunion) are my favourite. You either win or you don’t, there are no hoops to jump through. And the payoff was grand!!

The ones where you only qualified to win (Z95.3’s Vegas with Matty B, JRFM’s Phoenix with Clay and Karen, Z-Escape, Sonic’s trips to concerts, Jack’s trips to Antigua) were not so great. Once qualified, the odds of actually winning were low. And depending on the station, was left entirely up to the whims of employees. If they didn’t want you to win, you didn’t. I’m not saying that they left names out of the draws, I’m just saying that they COULD have.

The stations that answer calls LIVE get all my respect. There’s no chance to flub anything. They can’t screen the calls, or tell two people that they are caller 8. I absolutely love the way Willy does it – he is the fairest of all the DJs. He takes the calls live, talks to caller 10 briefly, puts them on hold, goes to commercial or song, then comes back and plays the game with caller 10. If for some reason caller 10 wasn’t eligible to win (and the only reason for that would be that they had won something from the station recently), they would move on to caller 11. But they wouldn’t HIDE that fact, they would just tell all the listeners what had happened. Full disclosure. Willy and his show have nothing to hide, and I appreciate their upfrontedness. I have a huge heart-on for Willy right now… can’t wait till he comes back!!!

Which is a ridiculous contrast to the rest of the DJs on that station. But that’s another post…

Others who answer the calls live are Nat and Drew, the Gleesome Threesome, Jeff O’Neil Show, and sometimes Kid Carson Show. It’s fair, and it’s the right thing to do. As a listener, I LOVE hearing the calls answered live. Some people are super funny when you tell them they are caller 7 or 8 or 9. I guess there is some danger in that, but the DJs can be pretty quick with the disconnect button.

Oh dear, look at how much I’ve rambled on! I guess I missed talking to you all! I love reading your comments on my posts, so please leave a comment if you are inspired. I really look forward to doing a detailed post for next Monday, when there will be some fun new contests to blog about! 😀

Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve celebration!