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Dec 20th & 21st

Posted on Dec 20, 2014

Done all your Christmas shopping? Or maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas? I always feel so stupid when I ask someone if they’re all ready for Xmas and they answer “I don’t DO Christmas!” Ugh. Foot-in-Mouth disease is rampant this time of year…

Either way, it’s going to be a miserable weekend for doing pretty much anything. Our side of town is having carriage rides and caroling and hot chocolate and stuff, but I soooooo am not thrilled about being outside for two hours! If not for our kids being young, I might never leave the house on rainy days… 😀

If you are indoors today, turn on Sonic or Peak, or possibly even CFOX, and you could win something to plump up that stocking:

Sonic – twice today and twice tomorrow you will have a chance to qualify for that Armin Van Buuren prize.

Peak – You could win tickets to their “Relax, It’s Not Another Christmas Party” Party. Cue to call will happen at 8:15, 11:15, 1:30, 4:15, and 6:15.

CFOX or 101 might have some Bright Lights and Spaghetti Factory passes, but I’m not sure. Let me know if you hear anything.

After weeks and months of not winning a thing, I am ready for a break. It’s disheartening, all this trying and trying, and then I feel guilty for having ignored my kids all day for nothing. LOL! I could just choose to NOT try, but it’s not in my nature – I’ve always been a tryer. If you don’t try, you surely will NOT succeed. That goes for every facet of life, and while I am not uber successful in the financial sense (ok, I’m the opposite of successful in monetary terms), I have never given up. Actually, that’s not true – there was ONE time… I was in college and it was the end of the term and I had one last exam to write… it was for math or calculus or something… and I didn’t have bus fare to get to the school. I lived near Boundary and the school was in Vancouver. Too far to walk, so I just gave up. I failed the class, obvs. I’ve always felt bad about that, about giving up so entirely. But I DID bounce back, and went on to finish my diploma, then did another one at BCIT, and then finished my degree at UBC. I’m a TRYER! 😀

Next week is going to be slim pickings, but I know that for sure Zed will still have the Santa Song each day. Matty B will be filling in for Cruby – YAAAY! No offense to Cruby…

Willy is off until January 5th, as is probably the Waking Crew, the Kid Carson Show, and Kevin & Sonia. I’m hoping Kiah and Tara Jean are off too – not because I don’t want to listen to them, but because I want Kiah to spend lots of time this Christmas with his new little family. And TJ clearly needs a break – she’s been having WAAAAY too much fun this year! 😉

And I guess it’s safe to say that The Jeff O’Neil Show will be having an extended vacation until at least January 13th, which is a Tuesday. Huh.

On a side note, Emerson Drive just followed me on Twitter! WOW!! So honoured! 😀

Have a great weekend!!!