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Posted on Dec 6, 2014

I have to tell you something.

I’m actually DYING to tell you!

I thought about NOT telling you, but then I decided that I would rather tell you NOW than have you find out later.

And I KNOW you’ll be happy for me. I KNOW it!

So here goes…

Some time ago, I don’t know how long ago but sometime in the past month or two, I entered a contest. It was some random contest that I came across, saw on a Facebook page or Twitter retweet or maybe an email. So I entered. I mean, why NOT?! Why wouldn’t you enter for absolutely everything, right?? You can’t win if you don’t enter, and SOMEBODY has to win, so why not YOU?!

I only ever enter for stuff that I really want. If it was a trip to Toronto to see Justin Bieber, for example, I would NOT enter. Not because I don’t like the Biebs, but I’m just not that interested in seeing Toronto. LOL! If it was a trip to LA, on the other hand, I would SO enter that!

So when I saw the contest for a trip to see the Imagine Dragons play in their hometown of Vegas, I was ALL OVER IT!!! I entered with enthusiasm – we LOVE Vegas!

When I got the call this morning I was skeptical. I don’t remember the details of most of the online contests I enter, certainly not ones I entered in passing. I always remember the ones I enter through the radio stations, but that’s because I SEE them daily when I log in. But random online ones? Notsomuch.

So when Jason the Marketing Coordinator at called, I was more than leery. I cautiously listened to his spiel, gave sparse details, etc. But when he called me back on his cell phone so I would have his number, I was impressed. And when I googled his phone number, and it matched a marketing profile, I was optimistic. And finally, when I opened my email to find the release forms, I was ecstatic!!!

It looks like I won the grand prize – return flights from Vancouver to Vegas, two nights in a hotel, and two tickets to the Holiday Havoc concert featuring Imagine Dragons with guests Young the Giant and Brumby! Holy CRAAAAAP!!!

After a scramble to arrange babysitters for the kids, hubby and I are on our way. It all seems so surreal, and I won’t truly believe it until I’m on the plane and taxiing down the runway. But I’m hopeful.

As should YOU be! I’m telling you this because I’m in utter SHOCK that I (supposedly) won. If this turns out to be real and I’m laying by the pool next Thursday (yes, it’s only 17 degrees there but the pool is heated), I will forever be encouraging you to ENTER ALL ONLINE CONTESTS!!!

Except for the ones on the radio stations’ sites – those are still only won by newly signed members. 😉

Now… who wants to drive me to the airport on Wednesday?! Right after you go follow and sign up for their newsletter!!!