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The Corus Chorus

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Did you catch all the ruckus today about the “historic” simulcast with CFOX’s Jeff O’Neil Show and CKNW? I’m still shaking my head…

If you’ve ever listened to the Jeff O’Neil show in the morning, you KNOW what kind of show it is. Some might call it knuckle-dragging humour, others find it sharp and clever. Either way, it seems to appeal to the 12 year old boy in all of us. And even THAT statement right there is something they would take delight in turning dirty! LOL!

Chris Gailus is a regular guest on TJOS, and generally the hosts behave themselves when he’s on. For some reason, Chris Gailus and Squire Barnes are doing a show on CKNW this week, and some brainiac decided THIS would be a good time to try a simulcast. Hmmmm.

During their conversation, TJOS offered some conversation topics for Chris’s upcoming interview with Justin Trudeau. Because apparently they hadn’t thought of anything to ask him yet. Er… okay…. So TJOS thought it would be great to ask Justin what he would like to do to certain female politicians.

Even an occasional listener of TJOS has heard their shtick about “F**k, Kill, or Marry?” – they ask a guest which of those three they would do to a certain person (often someone who has been in the news lately). (I would post a link but the SoundCloud bit was removed, luckily I got to listen to it first.) To most CFOX listeners, this is nothing new. It is not offensive to them – if it were, they probably wouldn’t listen to that morning show!

BUT, when you consider that
a) Chris and Squire were caught off guard, not warned about the bit
b) it was all broadcast to the CKNW audience at the same time, and
c) CKNW does not have the same demographic as CFOX

perhaps this was a mistake.

Or was it?! It caused all sorts of hubbub across social media – Simi Sara talking about it on her CKNW show, Chris and Squire tweeting apologies, The Province and Global writing articles about it, and finally, after which seemed far too long of a silence, an apology issued by CFOX and TJOS. You can read that apology HERE.

Personally, I admire the wording of this apology. I find it heart-felt, with not too much mea culpa but enough to show they regret losing Chris and Squire’s trust (at least, that’s how I read it!). Will TJOS get fired? Hell no! They just did the lagging CKNW a HUGE favour!! Everybody’s talking about them! The station has been trying to diversify, up their social media presence, hiring people that are social media savvy and edgy. Well, was THAT edgy enough for ya??

Unfortunately, Chris and Squire got caught in the crossfire, so to speak. Patsies, really. But in the end, this snafu seems to be a win-win situation:

– Chris and Squire look like victims and then good guys, calling the bit offensive and disrespectful.

– TJOS reveal their true selves, which is actually something they’ve never tried to hide. Now their sincere apology makes them look human. Who doesn’t love a guy who admits they made a mistake?!

– CFOX looks bad at first, but ends up looking good for (probably) slapping TJOS’s wrist and making them write an apology.

– CKNW gets some notice, which is what they’ve been wanting since they decided to “broaden their demographic” (i.e. move away from the 40-somethings and try to attract a younger audience)

And look at this: I hardly EVER mention CFOX or CKNW, and here I am dedicating an entire post to it! I Until now, I hadn’t even noticed that Greg Beharrell had “resigned” and moved to San Fran! Resigned or pushed out, who knows. He was too quirky for mainstream, he belongs on satellite radio anyway. Scary smart, that one.

Congrats to all the players! This was a fun show to watch unfold. You should pat each other on the back at the Christmas party! 😀