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Thursday the 18th

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

According to the CFOX website, the Jeff O’Neil Show has been suspended and will return January 13th… maybe. I guess Corus has a lot to think about. Bummer. The show will never be the same… which is I guess what some people wanted. Stupid simulcast!

Pretty much the same as yesterday, except for a few tweaks. I noticed that Rock 101 has switched back to answering the calls willy nilly and not live, except for Willy. So if the song plays early, I will wait until it’s over to call. And since Craig is on this afternoon, if it plays during his show I will start calling as soon as it starts. If it plays during Robin’s show, I won’t bother. Got through yesterday halfway through the song and it rang, was answered, and hung up immediately. Isn’t there just a button you push to clear the lines??? *whatever*

Kiah and Tara Jean are getting all the Carols/Caroles/Carolyns/etc they can and they are going caroling. This would be so fun – if you know someone named Carol (Carroll/Caryl/anything similar) as a first OR last name, get them to register! Jack also has Def Leppard tickets during Meredith’s show. They also have $100 for Target for Text of the Day with Kiah and Tara Jean. They are also full of baloney! No, wait, I mean turkey! They are giving one away 3 times per day, all you have to do is catch it (be caller 10).

Sonic is sending someone to the Armin Van Buuren concert, with meet and greets. Qualify for that once with each show, so 4 times per day.

This morning, Breakfast Television has a Vitamix. Watch at 6:10, 7:10, and 8:10 to win.

It’s Day 10 of the 13 Days of JAKEmas on TSN1040. Today you could win exercise equipment. Listen every hour of Bro Jake’s show to win.

Rock 101 has the Christmas Cash Track announcement at 7:15, and the song will play before 6pm. Caller 10 (at the END of the song) wins a $500 prepaid Visa card. It played around 1 yesterday, so it will either be Willy’s or Craig’s afternoon show today.

QMFM has Bette Midler tickets during Olivia’s show (covered by Crystal Darche this week, who also had a $75 Target card to give away), and Nickelback tickets during Ray’s show (covered by Olivia this week). They also have tickets to John Mellencamp during Ray’s show from 3 till 8 but only Monday thru Thursday, and on Friday one of those winners will win the grand prize – tickets PLUS dinner and accommodations!

The Beat has 1 Direction tickets at 3:10 and 8:10.

LG has 4 passes to Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge during the morning show (Larry’s off, Graham is covering).

Z95.3 will announce the Santa Song at 8. Also, go to their website and tell them about someone who needs a Christmas pick-me-up. I love hearing them making peoples’ dreams come true!


5:40 – JRFM, give the secret word (either Tahiti Tan 1 month free or a C-Lovers gift card)
6-10 – TSN1040, 11 game Canucks packs
6-10 – LG104.3, 4 pack passes to Capilano Suspension Bridge
6:10 – Breakfast Television, Vitamix
6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (?)
7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (C-Lovers gift cert or Tahiti Tan deal)
7:00 – Jack, No Time to Google ($100)
7:10 – Breakfast Television, Vitamix
7:15 – Rock 101, Xmas Cash Track announced
7:35. – Z95.3, Cash Quiz for up to $2000
7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute
7:40 – Jack, turkey drop
7:40 – Rock 101, IQ Test
7:40 – Sonic, Tag Team Trivia
8:00 – Z95.3, Santa Song of the Day announced
8:10 – Breakfast Television, Vitamix
8:10 – Peak, Not So Secret Word ($150 to Dunbar Cycles)
9:30 – Peak, Mother Mother invites
10-2 – Jack, Def Leppard tix
10-3 – QMFM, Bette Midler tix
10-3 – $75 Target gift card
12:15 – Peak, tix to see Current Swell
1:40 – Jack, turkey drop
3-8 – QMFM, Mellencamp tix
3-8 – QMFM, Nickelback tix
3:10 – Beat, 1D tix
3:30 – Peak, Ice Breaker Winter Ale prize pack
4 – 5 – JRFM, U-Turn (tix to Kip Moore)
4:40 – Jack, turkey drop
5:00 – Z95.3, Fresh Five at Five ($50 for Subway)
8:10 – Beat, 1D tix

Good luck!