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Posted on Jan 24, 2015

Did you hear Z95.3 play their $10,000 song on Friday afternoon? It happened sometime around 4pm. Thank you to the followers who tweeted me to let me know it played!!! I was upstairs and missed it, but saw the tweets about 10 minutes later. It took Matty B 40-45 minutes to answer the calls, and lucky, LUCKY Edwina won! WOW!!! We had our 4 phones going again and didn’t get through a single time. *sigh*

Telus is coming to install my landline Sunday morning. That next $10,000 is MINE!!! Muuuahahahahahaaaa! *totally kidding*

Sure it’s the weekend but you can still win a trip to Vegas! WOOT!! Play at 7, 11, 2, 5 and 7 (or until the right cup is guessed).

CFOX has a pair of tickets to the Great Digital Film Festival at Cineplex each day.

Peak has Mt. Seymour lift tickets plus rentals at 10:15 both days. Nice!

I will be spending the weekend catching up on Thankuary – I’m only at about 300 so I really need to pick up the pace! Turn off Twitter notifications for the weekend if you have them on…

… and have yourself a wonderful weekend!