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Jan 17th & 18th

Posted on Jan 17, 2015

The weekends have been pretty quiet lately, but things are definitely looking up!

Firstly, let’s all hail the Red Solo Cup game!! Play all weekend at 7, 11, 2, 5, and 7. If someone wins it at one of those times, the game is over until the next day. I will definitely be trying to get through!!!

Next up: CFOX has a 4 pack of passes to the Vancouver Motorcycle Show, plus 2 tickets to the Great Digital Film Fest. Might want to Google that, not quite sure what it is…

The Peak will have Death From Above 1979 tickets at 11:15 on both days. I wonder where they came up with that band name… interesting…

That’s all that I know of so far. If you hear of anything else, let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll be busy doing THIS! #Thankuary

Stay dry!