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No schedule… yet!

Posted on Jan 10, 2015

It’s Saturday. I usually write the week’s schedule on Sunday, but I am inspired to write ABOUT the upcoming schedule today! I am super stoked for Monday!!! Here’s why:

1) JRFM’s Red Solo Cup game

This topped my list of 2014’s best radio contests (see the list HERE). It’s ridiculously fun, and easy to win if you follow along and know which cups have been guessed already! They play 5 times per day (at 7, 11, 2, 5, and 7), so if the correct cup isn’t guessed by 5pm, your odds of getting it right are great if you’ve been listening (or following me on Twitter or checking my updated JRFM Guesses post!) There are only 5 cups, so you immediately have a 1 in 5 chance of picking the one that has “winner” written under it. Once the correct cup has been chosen, the game is over for that day. If the lucky caller at 7am gets it right, no more guesses for that day. BUT, if NOBODY guesses correctly (which HAS happened!), the next morning another prize is added and now there are TWO trips to be won. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

The trip is wicked – direct flights from Vancouver to Las Vegas, three nights at the Linq, dinner at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, and tickets to the High Roller (that big ferris-wheel-type-thing – if you go, upgrade to the bar car! ;D ). I won this last year and what happens is you get $1000 towards flights, so we flew out of Bellingham and got 4 flights for under $1000. We took the kids with us. I wouldn’t recommend it… you can read about that HERE.

Monday morning I will start keeping track of which cups have been guessed, so if you’re going to try calling in, make sure to check the post first. I think they take some random number caller, so definitely keep redialing until you know for sure you missed it.

2) Beat Your Bills is back on The Beat

If you’ve played this before, you know the deal: log in at, tell them which bill you want paid, and how much it’s for (up to $1000). Then listen for your name at 7:10, 11:10, and 3:10. You get 15 minutes to call them back. It’s a pain in my ass to listen at 3:10 because I’m picking up my daughter from school at that time and I have crap cell reception, but usually I can make it home in time to track down the name (I take my portable radio with me so I have the name, I just can’t do anything about it if you’re not on my list!) So here’s a plan – GET ON MY LIST! Never miss a chance to win! If you email me your name and contact info, I will text or call you if I hear your name. If you’re not on my list, I will try to track you down online. But as I said, for the 3pm name it can be hit or miss if you aren’t on my list. You can email me at if you can’t listen at all 3 times of the day.

3) Z95.3 has $10,000!!!

And they want to give it to YOU! Yes, YOU! But you have to listen for a certain song to play, and that’ll happen…. er…. well, anytime, I suppose. They’ll tell you at 8am what the name of the song is, and then your job is to listen. My guess is that they’ll only play it once per week, but I won’t know for sure until they post the Rules and Regs on their site. I’ll fill you in on the details when I know more. Until then, let’s dream about winning 10 grand! I almost wish they would spread out the wealth a bit – maybe $5000 twice instead of $10,000 once – it’d be nice to win even 5 grand. Or 2 grand. Or 50 bucks at this point!! 😀

We certainly have LOTS to look forward to next week. I’m really excited to hear people winning – even if it isn’t me. With my new shitty Shaw line it’s unlikely I’ll get to play, but I will still be trying for that Vegas trip, and I’ll also be trying to qualify for Jack’s staycation and Rock 101’s trips. Perhaps all for naught, but I’m compelled to at least TRY…