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Posted on Jan 16, 2015

I declare the rest of January to be henceforth dubbed “Thankuary”. And since January is now over and I’m only half way, February is ALSO Thankuary!

Inspired by JRFM’s Quest For 1000 Listeners (read more about that HERE), I am going to make a concerted effort to touch base with every one of my followers on Twitter. I want to let them all know that I value them – I am not at all interested in increasing my followers simply so I can say “look how many followers I have!”. I hope that people follow @ContestsVan because they enjoy contests!

To that end, I will tweet each of my followers individually with a link to this post (should they care to read it). Further, I will retweet one of their own tweets to prove that I took the time to actually read their tweets. In cases where tweets are protected or the follower is someone who simply follows me because they are collecting followers, I won’t retweet but I will still tweet them directly.

For those that use Twitter only for entering contests and have no original content, I will just retweet one of their contest entry tweets. Hope that’s okay!

As for Facebook followers, I am less inclined to post their names publicly. Twitter is more of a public forum, where no one expects privacy. Facebook seems more private to me, so I don’t tag people directly. However, for the remainder of Thankuary, I will try to LIKE every comment on the Contests Vancouver page. By the way, if you haven’t LIKED us on Facebook yet, the link is HERE.

I love our little community of contest lovers – it’s nice how everyone helps each other! Happy winning!!!