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Posted on Feb 27, 2015

Do you watch Breakfast Television? You should. It is the only morning show I will watch. The hosts are so down-to-earth, funny, goofy and heart-warming. I have never NOT enjoyed them. It’s actually literally impossible for me to like them more!!!

And now, they have outdone themselves. They are taking 3 loyal viewers to Walt Disney World in Florida. The 3 winners get to bring 3 friends along too! The trip includes round trip air fare, 5 nights in luxury accommodations, passes to Disney World, $600 gift card to Disney World, and they get to watch BT broadcast from the park. CRAZY good prize!!!

How do you get in on this wicked prize?? I’m glad you asked! I just watched the announcement on BT (which was freaking HILARIOUS and my 4 year old was wondering why I was cackling like a maniac) and they showed you just what to do. Take a selfie. Yup, take a selfie. Each week there will be a theme and you snap a selfie with that theme (the more props, the better!) and submit it on the BT site. I’m not sure when the contest ends, but it starts on Monday so you have all weekend to get your ROYAL stuff together – this week’s theme is “Your Regal Side”!

From what I understand, there will be 3 winners from each of the BT cities – Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. That’s 15 winners plus their guests – 75 people! Each prize must be worth at least $6000, so that’s a LOT of thanks!!!

I would love to take my family on this trip, but here’s my dilemma: if the BT hosts are going too, my SuperWife status may get knocked down a few pegs. Why? Because my husband is enamored with Jody. She is beautiful, articulate, intelligent, and she can talk sports better than most guys! How do I compete with THAT?!?!

Ah well, can’t really blame him. I’m a bit enamored with her myself… and I may have a little crush on Riaz too!